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Educational Consequences of Loss and Trauma

Appui psychosocial, Apprentissage social et émotionnel
Type de ressource
Article journalistique
Atle Dyregrov
Maison d'édition/ Journal
Educational and Child Psychology
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Many children are deeply affected by loss and trauma. Although some studies mention the educational consequences of such situations, this is an aspect often overlooked. Results from different studies show that survivors of disasters, violence and death tend to be more absent from school and some drop out of school prematurely. Lack of perceived support from parents, classmates and teachers have shown an association with more post-traumatic stress and lower school performance. In addition to having clear procedures for helping children and adolescents with the psychosocial consequences following trauma and loss, it is recommended that more attention is given to the educational challenges that such an event represents. Educational strategies and programmes that can assist children and adolescents must be developed.