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Inclusive Education

Policy Research on Access to Quality Basic Education for Muslim Learners


The objectives of this study were to better understand and help resolve the overall dismal state of basic education in Mindanao particularly in the ARMM region in the Philippines. This

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Policy Guidelines on Inclusion in Education


The objectives of these Guidelines are to assist countries in strengthening the focus on inclusion in their strategies and plans for education, to introduce the broadened concept of inclusive education

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Briefing on Pocket Guide to Inclusive Education 2008 (Arabic)

INEE - ALC - Rami Shamseddine, INEE   |   PDF

“Pocket Guide to Inclusive Education”

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Opportunity to Learn: A high impact strategy for improving educational outcomes

John Giles, USAID   |   PDF

In the 16 years since the first Education for All conference at Jomtien, national governments and international donors have invested billions of dollars in programs and reforms designed to improve access

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The implications of ensuring equal access and inclusion of persons with intellectual disab


Guidelines and policies for disability inclusion in disaster risk reduction (DRR) and humanitarian action have been, and continue to be, developed by governments, international organisations and humanitarian agents. Despite these

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Disaster Reduction School Unit/Lesson Plan

Mark Medley, Mark Medley   |   Word Doc

The lesson/Unit plan is actually designed for Middle School Students at an IB School who study Individuals & Societies, but feel free to edit the details and use some

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Planning for inclusion: How education budgets and plans target the most marginalized

Susan Lee-Rife, Plan International   |   PDF

Every child should be able to access and complete an inclusive, quality pre-primary, primary and secondary education. It is unacceptable that certain groups of children are prevented from doing so

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Promising Practices in Refugee Education Synthesis Report

Charlotte Bergin, Education Adviser, Save the Children, Save the Children   |   PDF

Promising Practices in Refugee Education is a joint initiative of Save the Children, the world’s largest independent children’s rights organisation, UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, and Pearson, the

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School Code of Conduct Teacher Training Manual

Jess Shaver, Vibeke Ansen, Charlotte Bogh, and Charlotte Beyer, Save the Children   |   PDF

The School Code of Conduct (SCOC) training programme is designed to be used by Save the Children education staff to enable teachers and education personnel to implement governmental Teachers’ Codes

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Community engagement to strengthen social cohesion and child protection in Chad and Burundi

Philip Cook, Michele Cook, Natasha Blanchet Cohen, Armel Oguniyi, Jean Sewanou, International Institute for Child Rights and Development (IICRD)   |   PDF

This resource is part of a collection of resources compiled by UNICEF’s 2012-2016 Peacebuilding, Education and Advocacy Programme (PBEA), known as “Learning for Peace”, which was funded by the

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