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Education and Fragility

Original INEE Training Package Adaptation: Acute Crisis

INEE, INEE   |   Powerpoint, Word Doc

This is an adaptation of the initial Zamborra background note in the original training package (sessions on assessment, design, monitoring and evaluation) and related roles with a focus on the

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Educational reconstruction efforts and (non)salaries for teachers in postwar Liberia

Janet Shriberg and Rebecca Winthrop, International Rescue Committee   |   Powerpoint

This case study was used at the Roundtable on Teacher Compensation in Fragile States, Situations of Displacement and Post-Conflict Return that took place at the World Bank on 11 October 2006.

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Education in Fragile States: Capturing Lessons Learned and Identifying Good Practice

Dr Pauline Rose and Dr Martin Greeley, DAC Fragile States Group   |   Word Doc

This paper by Rose and Greeley examines how development assistance in fragile states can enhance access to quality basic education for the poor and vulnerable, at the same time improving

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From Closed Books to Open Doors: West Africa’s Literacy Challenge

Caroline Pearce , Oxfam   |   PDF

In 2009, the world is faced with a dire economic situation. No one hesitates to call this situation a crisis, most governments have rushed to prioritise it, and, in response, wealthy

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Education and the Mitigation of Conflict and Fragility

Leo Schellekens, Mercy Corps   |   PDF

This paper examines how assistance to the education sector in the BRIDGE states of Upper Nile, Blue Nile, South Kordofan and Abyei, can enhance access to quality basic education for

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Senior Level Forum on Development Effectiveness in Fragile States: Harmonisation and Alignment


This study was commissioned by the Learning and Advisory Process of the OECD DAC. It brings together two concurrent focuses of work in the international development assistance community. The first

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From aid effectiveness to development effectiveness: strategy and policy coherence in fragile states

Clare Lockhart, Overseas Development Institute   |   PDF

This note seeks to set out the key issues relating to the challenge of policy coherence in fragile states; to summarize some mechanisms emerging from broader donor government practice to

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Fragile States: Defining Difficult Environments for Poverty Reduction

Magüi Moreno Torres and Michael Anderson , DFID   |   PDF

Fragile states take many forms, and have been defined in various ways. This paper adopts a definition of ‘difficult environments’ grounded in the role of the state in development effectiveness.

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Education and Fragility: A Synthesis of the Literature

Mosselson, J., Wheaton, W., Frisoli, P.S.J. , Journal of Education for International Development   |   PDF

The purpose of this paper is to provide a synthesis of the emerging literature in the field of education and fragility. We examine the various attempts to capture the contexts

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Education and Fragility Resource List


List of resources for Education and Fragility.

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