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Alternative Education (informal, non-formal, lifelong, etc.)

What is Adult Education? UNESCO Answers

Juan Ignacio Martínez de Morentin de Goñi , UNESCO   |   PDF

This book offers a vision of the resolutions and decisions of UNESCO´s general conferences and Executive Board meetings on adult education from 1946 to 2005.

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Double-shift schooling: design and operation for cost-effectiveness

Mark Bray, UNESCO-IIEP   |   PDF

In a double-shift system, which aims primarily to extend access and minimize unit costs, schools cater to two entirely separate groups of pupils during a school day. The first group

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Evaluation of NRC’s Accelerated Learning Programme in Liberia

Anne Nkutu, Trude Bang and Dorothy Tooman, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)   |   PDF

NRC has recently had an evaluation done of the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) in Liberia, which has been running from 2005. NRC will phase out of the ALP program in June 2010.

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Handbook for Literacy and Non-Formal Education Facilitators in Africa


Today, 771 million adults worldwide are illiterate and approximately 103 million children are out of school. In Sub-Saharan Africa, 59.7% of the adult population was illiterate in 2004. The persistence of illiteracy is a

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Continuity education in emergency and conflict situations: the case for ODFL

Ros Morpeth and Charlotte Creed, St Edmund’s College   |   Word Doc

Emergency and conflict in countries such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Haiti and Afghanistan have made us more aware of the long-term serial disruption and psychosocial damage faced by people caught

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Adult Education in Sudan

Paul Fean, University of Sussex, UK   |   Word Doc

This case study results from an action research project with teachers from Adult Education Schools in Khartoum, Sudan, which was undertaken as a PhD study between July 2008 and June 2009. 

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Temporary Schools in Pakistan

Maggie Stephenson, GOAL   |   Word Doc

Case study of Temporary School Construction in Bagh, Pakistan.

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Market Assessment Toolkit for Vocational Training Providers and Youth

School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University, Women's Refugee Commission   |   PDF

The three-part Market Assessment Toolkit for VT Providers and Youth is a combination of resources, questionnaires and activities to assist VT programs and youth to gather information on market demand

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Meeting EFA: Afghanistan Home-Based Schools

USAID and AED, USAID and AED   |   PDF

This case study examines the model and outcomes of the home-based schooling program developed and implemented by the International Rescue Committee in Afghanistan.

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Starting my own Small Business


Starting my own small business is a modular training package that helps learners acquire an entrepreneurial mindset and the knowledge to set up their own small business. By promoting economic

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