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Vocational and Technical Training

Cursos vocacionais não vão deixar rasto, nem mesmo na lei

Jornal "Público" 12 November 2017

“O Governo português vai decretar em breve a extinção formal dos cursos vocacionais”

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UNRWA hosts the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) Training of Trainers (ToT)

UNRWA 8 August 2017

From 10 to 13 July, the Department of Education at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) hosted the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) Conflict-Sensitive Education (CSE) Training of Trainers.  The event, which marked the first stage of a global capacity-building programme to enhance the delivery of conflict-sensitive education, brought together over 30 senior education practitioners, policymakers and academics from United Nations (UN) agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) around the world.

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Young entrepreneurs in Syria: ‘they’ll rebuild what the war has destroyed’

The Guardian 30 May 2017

It could be any other startup bootcamp. Thirteen teams nervously chatter among themselves, waiting for Dania Ismail, director of Jusoor, to open proceedings. But these entrepreneurs are from Syria and many will have gone to great lengths to travel to Lebanon to take part. “We had a participant coming from Aleppo and it took him 26 hours to get to Beirut,” Ismail says. “It’s usually a six-hour journey. He got on a bus that drove off the road because Isis was shooting at them … it was a big adventure but he made it.”

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Cabo Verde: País reforça aposta no ensino do empreendedorismo nas escolas

Agência Angola Press 14 June 2016

“Cabo Verde vai continuar apostar no ensino do empreendedorismo no ano lectivo 2016/2017, depois de, dois anos ter vindo a levar a cabo uma experiência piloto nesse domínio em seis ilhas do arquipélago, abrangendo um total de 12 escolas secundárias, garantiu a directora nacional da Educação.”

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1,000 refugees learn coding to support Middle East economy

AME info 30 May 2016

More than 1,000 refugees residing in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey will be receiving coding training for one week, as a newly launched initiative aims to support them so they can become active contributors to these countries’ economies. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), refugees can increase countries’ GDP by one per cent over the span of five years. Global technology company SAP and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) launched the initiative at the recent Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul earlier this year. It is held in collaboration with a number of partners, including local governments, non-profit organisations, NGOs, educational institutions and private businesses.

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Cinco países lusófonos na lista da ONU dos mais vulneráveis a conflitos ou desastres

África 21 3 December 2015

“Guiné-Bissau, Angola, Moçambique, Timor-Leste e São Tomé e Príncipe estão na lista de países e territórios vulneráveis a conflitos e desastres de acordo, sendo a Guiné-Bissau considerada um caso mais grave em termos de falta de recursos para responder a acontecimentos imprevistos”.

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Voix d’Haïti - Une construction sûre en Haïti

Banque Mondiale 23 January 2015

Wisler Dyrogène est ingénieur et travaille pour le Ministère des Travaux publics, transports et communications. Il faisait partie de l’équipe qui a évalué la sécurité et les dommages structurels de 450 000 bâtiments en Haïti. Le Ministère organise aussi des formations, et va souvent sur les sites de construction pour expliquer comment bâtir de manière sûre.

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Integration Through Education: Syrian Armenian benefit from UN refugee agency’s program

Armenia Now 30 October 2014

The Refugee Integration through Education program has enabled 38 Syrian Armenians to get specialized in three professions – hairdressing, cooking, and tailor-designer. Twelve hairdressers and chefs are already employed, the training course for tailor-designers is still in progress. The program that was launched in January has since worked with thousands of beneficiaries. The program is being implemented in cooperation with KASA Swiss Humanitarian Foundation and UNHCR. The head of the Refugee Integration through Education Program, Marine Tunyan, mentioned that they tried to integrate those under the status of a refugee.

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EU provides 26 scholarships for refugee youth in Dadaab

Standard Digital 29 October 2014

Today, the European Union and its partners, Africa Education Trust (AET) and Centre for British Teachers (CfBT) launched a scholarships programme for 26 secondary school leavers from Dadaab (Kenya), the world’s largest refugee camp. The initiative aims at promoting higher education and training opportunities for young people confined to this camp and lacking perspectives.

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Entrepreneurship education bears fruit for a refugee and his family in Shimelba camp, Ethiopia

International Rescue Committee 22 October 2014

International Rescue Committee’s youth and livelihoods entrepreneurship education programme is a four-month course for aspiring business owners in the camp includes training on market assessment, business management, customer service, finance and budgeting, and communication skills—as well as problem solving, decision-making, creativity and life skills.

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Over 200 youth graduate from education programme in Za’atari

Norwegian Refugee Council 2 October 2014

Over 200 girls and boys have received certificates for successfully completing a continuing education programme run by the Norwegian Refugee Council in Za’atari refugee camp. Supported by the European Union and UNICEF, the Za’atari Youth Training Centre provides young people aged 15-24 years living in the camp with three-month continuing education programme course. Based on a comprehensive package of literacy, numeracy, life skills and practical skills training, the course provides meaningful learning opportunities in safe spaces for Syrian youth. The programme enables young people to continue some form of education, and increases their engagement with peers, with the wider community, and helps them participate meaningfully in camp development discussions.

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Adult education for Blue Nile refugees in Ethiopia

Radio Tamazuj 12 August 2014

Adults at Ethiopia’s Bambasi camp for Blue Nile refugees now have access to educational opportunities thanks to new courses offered by non-governmental organizations.

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Boko Haram’s Quiet Foe

Inside Higher Ed 8 August 2014

As Boko Haram continues to terrorize northeastern Nigeria, a university in the northeastern city of Yola has redoubled its efforts to provide vulnerable residents with a sense of hope. The American University of Nigeria stands for ideals the terrorist group loathes. Founded in 2003 by Nigeria’s former vice president, Atiku Abubakar, the university offers American-style education to roughly 1,400 students, male and female, from pre-kindergarten to graduate school.

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A Gaza Vocational College Devastated by the War

Al-Fanar Media 7 August 2014

As the ceasefire in the latest war between Israel and Hamas has continued, more educational institutions have been able to take stock of the damage done.

University College of Applied Sciences, one of the main vocational education institutions in Gaza with about 9,000 students, released photographs and a statement today about the destruction of its facilities under Israeli bombardment.  The photographs make it clear that the damage was not the result of a single errant missile but multiple strikes.

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Tailors Become Schoolteachers in Cameroon Camps

Voice of America 31 July 2014

Thousands of children from the Central African Republic continue arriving in eastern Cameroon as refugees – more than 18 months since a coup d’état sparked a cycle of killings in their country.  They have sought safety in camps next door in Cameroon, but they are not getting the education they need. With little donor money coming in, relief workers can only do the barest minimum such as teacher children songs and handwork.

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