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Favoriser l'accès de tous à une éducation de qualité, sûre et pertinente en temps de crise


Quality Education

Few Refugees in Jordan and Lebanon Get Into Secondary Education

Al Fanar Media 2 April 2019

A report released last month has confirmed what has long been suspected—that the educational pipeline in Jordan and Lebanon has collapsed. In particular, refugee youth are not flowing through secondary schools—to graduation, or up into vocational or higher education.

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Largest joint-United Nations programme on education to reach tens of thousands in S.Sudan

UNICEF 26 March 2019

Tens of thousands of school children in some of South Sudan’s most food insecure areas will benefit from a new European Union (EU) funded education in emergencies programme launched today in Aweil. The contribution, worth €24.4 million, will provide hot daily meals to 75,000 school children, help train some 1,600 teachers, equip learners with educational supplies and provide psychosocial support services for 40,000 children who are currently enrolled in schools and those out of school.

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World Bank, Gates Foundation, DFID Join Forces to Improve Education Quality Around the World

The World Bank 21 January 2019

LONDON, January 21, 2019 – The World Bank, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the UK’s Department for International Development today announced a new partnership that will develop tools governments can use to better monitor the quality of their education systems, allowing policymakers to take real-time decisions to ensure that all children are learning. This collaboration will advance the goals of the Human Capital Project, a global effort to accelerate more and better investments in people for greater equity and economic growth.

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Paris : une rentrée scolaire dans la rue pour les mineurs étrangers

Le Parisien 8 October 2018

Les associations de soutien réclament la scolarisation inconditionnelle de tous les jeunes. Dans la capitale, certains sont interdits d’école faute d’être reconnus mineurs.
Des élèves du lycée Voltaire passent le porche en jetant des regards curieux vers ces adolescents de leur âge, assis sur le trottoir autour de maîtres improvisés et de tableaux de fortune.

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“As pessoas voltaram a ter esperança” mas continuam sem pão nem medicamentos.

Público 16 September 2018

Sédrick de Carvalho lembra que muitas pessoas têm de pagar subornos “para poderem inscrever os filhos na escola”. Em causa está uma mudança de mentalidades que nem todos acreditam que seja possível com o MPLA no poder. “O problema dos angolanos é serem muito resilientes, aprenderam a viver na miséria absoluta. A mandar os filhos para a escola com uma lata para se sentarem por não haver cadeiras”, descreve Emanuel Lopes.

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Canada & partners announce investment in education for women & girls in crisis & conflict

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada 9 June 2018

Gender equality is a fundamental human right and a top priority for Canada and its G7 Presidency. To make gender equality a reality, all women and girls around the world must have equal access to quality education and learning opportunities.

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Uganda: The Refugee School Out Performing Government Schools

East African Business Week 4 December 2017

In Kyangwali refugee Camp in Hoima District, Western Uganda is COBURWAS Primary School, a refugee school that out performs government and other private schools in Uganda at the national exams (Uganda Primary school leaving Examinations). The school whose students are mostly refugees living in Uganda was set up by Joseph Munyambanza born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and colleagues who Fled to Uganda when they were still young (he was six).

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Keeping the global promise of a quality education

The Monitor 9 June 2017

A big worry in education these days is that easier access to schooling has come at the expense of the quality of learning. One example is an investigation of test scores at some 200 American colleges by The Wall Street Journal. The results reflect a rising global concern that students are learning far too little even as access to education expands.

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Tech is Dominating Efforts to Educate Syrian Refugees

NPR 18 April 2017

The crisis in Syria has displaced around 1.4 million children and teenagers from their homes. An estimated 900,000 of them are not in school.

Historically, in conflict zones, education has taken a backseat to immediate needs like food, shelter and medical care. But more recently, there has been a movement in the international aid community to provide better “education in emergencies.”

Many private companies and nonprofits are stepping up to do just this — but their efforts are not always well balanced or well coordinated, a new report claims.

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T is for Thanks

International Rescue Committee 3 January 2017

“There used to be more room,” says Edin Sinanović, the young founder of Refugees Foundation, the small volunteer organization in Serbia that runs this space, “but then the girls started to come.” As if on cue the door from the street opens and, alongside a cold blast of winter air, a group of about six young girls push gently in, full of apologies for being late. Somehow, like magic, more space is found and they settle right in.

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Teachers struggling after surge of refugees, U of W education expert says

CBC News 3 January 2017

For teachers across Canada, the past year brought new challenges as thousands of refugee children entered the classroom.

More than 20,000 of the Syrian refugees who have settled in Canada are under the age of 18, and the trials for teachers range from language barriers to trauma, according to Jan Stewart, a professor in the faculty of education at the University of Winnipeg.

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UNHCR Mobilizes South Sudan’s Refugee Children for Schooling in Uganda

Relief Web 9 December 2016

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR, has launched a public awareness campaign, to encourage community support for education targeting South Sudanese refugee children in Uganda.

The campaign has kicked off in the Bidi Bidi refugee settlement camp, which according to UNHCR is one of the largest refugee-hosting areas in the world.

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Selon le HCR, l’éducation pour les réfugiés est en crise

HCR 15 September 2016

Le HCR, l’Agence des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés, a publié aujourd’hui un rapport montrant que plus de la moitié - 3,7 millions - des six millions d’enfants en âge d’être scolarisés et relevant de sa compétence ne vont pas à l’école.
Quelque 1,75 million d’enfants réfugiés ne vont pas à l’école primaire et 1,95 million d’adolescents réfugiés ne sont pas scolarisés dans l’enseignement secondaire. Les réfugiés sont cinq fois plus susceptibles d’être déscolarisés que la moyenne mondiale.
« Cela représente une crise pour des millions d’enfants réfugiés », a déclaré Filippo Grandi, Haut Commissaire des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés. « L’éducation des réfugiés est particulièrement négligée, alors que c’est l’une des rares occasions que nous avons pour transformer, construire la prochaine génération et améliorer le sort des dizaines de millions de personnes déracinées dans le monde. »

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Fighting Poverty and Hunger for Quality Education

Global Partnership for Education 16 August 2016

The youth population is continuously increasing, and is estimated to reach 1.8 billion this year. Obviously, it is a large population of mass power. Yet, as we say goodbye to another year’s International Youth Day, as the new Youth Advisor for the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report, I think it crucial to point out that a vast portion of youth energy remains confined by physical and mental chains in countries affected by war and conflict. This must be addressed.

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Mon plaidoyer pour les conditions d’apprentissage au Kwilu

Ponaba 5 July 2016

Selon l’annuaire statistique 2012 – 2013 de l’EPSP (le Ministère de l’Education), le Bandundu aurais 7 475 écoles. Cela représente 17, 3% des écoles au niveau national. Mais il n’y aurait que 13% de ces écoles qui sont construites en matériaux durables – 55 112 salles de classe, soit 16,9% du total national.

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