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Favoriser l'accès de tous à une éducation de qualité, sûre et pertinente en temps de crise


Primary Education

Students in Syria are a textbook case for post-Islamic State re-education

Los Angeles Times 1 April 2019

Authorities begin efforts to reeducate about 25,000 school-age children being held in Al Hol, the desolate internment camp on the edge of eastern Syria for members of Islamic State’s so-called caliphate and refugees from the communities the militant group controlled in Syria and Iraq. With the radical group having lost the last of the land it controlled after nearly five years of warfare, authorities now face the challenge of reeducating the children of the militant fighters, most of them schooled from an early age in Islamic State’s barbaric ways.

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African Edutainment Company Ubongo Wins Next Billion EdTech Prize

Forbes 24 March 2019

Ubongo, a Tanzanian-based company which creates fun, localized and multi-platform educational media that reaches millions of African families through television and the webs, has won the Next Billion Edtech Prize, an award launched by The Varkey Foundation to recognize innovative technology that can have an impact on education in low income and emerging world countries.

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L’école maternelle : une base oubliée de l’éducation

Ponabana 9 October 2017

JEUNE REPORTER – Pour avoir de bons résultats en première année primaire, j’estime que les enfants doivent être encouragés à commencer dès l’école maternelle. Dans mon premier blog, je veux vous parler de l’importance de l’école maternelle. Suivez-moi à l’Ecole “Sommet du Savoir” dans la ville de Bunia, en Province de l’Ituri.

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T is for Thanks

International Rescue Committee 3 January 2017

“There used to be more room,” says Edin Sinanović, the young founder of Refugees Foundation, the small volunteer organization in Serbia that runs this space, “but then the girls started to come.” As if on cue the door from the street opens and, alongside a cold blast of winter air, a group of about six young girls push gently in, full of apologies for being late. Somehow, like magic, more space is found and they settle right in.

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La scolarisation des enfants est la responsabilité de tous

Ponabana 19 September 2016

Deux semaines après la rentrée scolaire, l’UNICEF apporte son appui au gouvernement de la République Démocratique du Congo dans l’organisation de la campagne porte à porte. Cette campagne a pour but de mobiliser au sein des ménages les parents à inscrire leurs enfants à l’école primaire. La campagne est pour l’UNICEF l’occasion de rappeler la responsabilité de chacun pour la scolarisation qui est un droit pour chaque enfant.

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Saneamento débil nas escolas primárias deve-se principalmente a falta de investimento

UNICEF Angola 10 September 2016

“Diferentes estudos efectuados pela OMS/UNICEF concluíram que a aposta na construção de instalações de água e saneamento nas escolas têm um forte impacto positivo na redução dos riscos ocorrências de diarreias e outras doenças causadas pela falta de higiene; pode ainda influenciar o aumento de matrículas por parte das raparigas, bem como nas taxas de retenção e conclusão. “

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EAA enrols Rio’s 16,000 slum children into primary school

Gulf Times 20 August 2016

Educate A Child (EAC), a programme of the Education Above All (EAA) Foundation in partnership with government and other entities, has successfully enrolled 16,239 children living in slums in the heart of Rio de Janeiro into primary school in under two years.

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Building schools for the less fortunate

Flexible Learning Strategies 14 July 2016

Cambodia’s Ministry of Education has held many projects to ensure that Cambodian citizens receive at least the most basic education – primary school education. French non-government organisation Aide et Action (AEA) has risen up to this issue, stating that during the school year of 2015 to 2016, it had facilitated and provided more than 20,000 Cambodian children with education scholarships, enabling them to go further in their studies.

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Schools enrol more Syrian refugee children in Lebanon

UNHCR 7 July 2016

A father of eight, Mahmoud fled the war in Syria four years ago, shepherding most of his family to safety in Lebanon. Since then, his children’s education has been patchy. Some have missed years of schooling. The UN Refugee Agency, the Government of Lebanon and other partners like UNICEF are working with refugees like Mahmoud to make that happen by improving educational opportunities for children among the more than 1 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

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Sommet humanitaire mondial : un fonds de 3,85 Mrds $ (à alimenter !) pour l’éducation

Coalition éducation 26 May 2016

Le sommet humanitaire mondial qui a pris fin le 24 mai à Istanbul, a été marqué par des annonces fortes sur les moyens de répondre au besoin d’éducation des enfants et des jeunes vivant dans les situations de crises.

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30 million children have lost their homes – they must not lose their education

Global Development 16 May 2016

At the world humanitarian summit next week in Istanbul, Turkey, governments have a rare opportunity. By getting behind an initiative aimed at delivering education to some of the world’s most vulnerable children, they could make this a summit that delivers something more than vague promises and a communique that is long on words and short on action.

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Angola vai alargar para nove anos a escolaridade obrigatória e gratuita

Lusa/Ver Angola 25 February 2016

“Mpinda Simão sublinhou igualmente a definição do valor das propinas, das taxas e dos emolumentos praticados nas instituições de ensino, com base no regime de preços vigiados, em critérios de qualidade e em função da classificação obtida no processo de avaliação.”

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Sudan: No School for Three Million Sudanese Children

AllAfrica 3 December 2015

About three million Sudanese children currently do not go to school, according to the Education Commission of the Sudanese Parliament. The Commission members called the education situation in the country a “scandal”. They noted that “university graduates exist who are not able to write three correct sentences”.

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200,000 Syrian refugee children to get free schooling in Lebanon

UNHCR 2 October 2015

Tasnim, a 12-year-old refugee girl from Aleppo, Syria, is excitedly preparing to return to school. “I want to become a dentist. I have always been intrigued by the tools and materials dentists use in their neat clinics. Every time I visited my dentist in Syria, I learned something new,” she said.

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Giving Children in War-Torn Areas a Chance to Learn

The Huffington Post 30 September 2015

“At five o’clock in the morning there was a chemical attack on our neighbourhood. Everyone in our family was dead, it was just me and my mother left. I fled to Lebanon with my mother. I think it is too bad that our camp does not have a school and the school in the next camp is full. Because I was really good at math.” (Seif, 10 years old, left Syria in 2013)

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