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Education Planning

ECW joins forces with the Islamic Development Bank

Education Cannot Wait 5 April 2019

Education Cannot Wait joins forces with the Islamic Development Bank to address the challenge of 28 million out-of-school children in OIC Member countries. To address this growing challenge, Education Cannot Wait – a global fund for education in emergencies that seeks to mobilize US$1.8 billion by 2021 to reach 8.9 million children living in the midst of war, disaster and crisis – signed an agreement this week with the Islamic Development Bank and a wide range of stakeholders for a Global Education Coalition for Enrolling and Retaining 28 million out-of-school children in OIC member countries by 2021.

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Education projects ease Syrian children integration into Turkish society

Daily Sabah 21 March 2019

Hosting the largest number of Syrian refugees, Turkey provides multidimensional education programs for Syrian children to help ease their transition into the schooling system

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Closing the Gaps in Global SEL Research

Salzburg Global Seminar 13 March 2019

Participants at Social and Emotional Learning: Time for Action explore the gaps in research on SEL

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Educação e qualificação: Banco Mundial disponibiliza 10 milhões de dólares para Cabo Verde

O País 3 November 2018

O Banco Mundial, BM, acaba de confirmar 10 milhões de dólares americanos para apoiar as reformas no setor da educação e qualificações em Cabo Verde

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UNESCO launches Strategic Framework for Education in Emergencies in the Arab Region /2018-2021/

Emirates News Agency (WAM) 3 November 2017

UNESCO Beirut held a side-event at UNESCO Paris at the margin on the 39th session of UNESCO’s General Conference, to launch UNESCO’s Strategic Framework for Education in Emergencies in the Arab Region (2018-2021). As Education has been deeply affected by the scale of crisis in the Arab Region, with over 13 million children and youth not going to school due to conflict, UNESCO’s Strategic Framework for Education in Emergencies in the Arab Region (2018-2012) aims to respond to the Education crisis in the region through supporting Member States in meeting their educational needs, and helping them meet the commitments set out in SDG4 which aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all by 2030. The Strategic Framework, jointly elaborated by UNESCO field offices in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, and Palestine, aims to increase access to quality learning opportunities for children and youth, to empower them with values, knowledge and skills for life and work, to support teachers and enhance the resilience of education systems.

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Irma : le gouvernement espère un retour à la normale de l’enseignement à Saint-Martin pour la rentré

Le Monde 15 September 2017

Selon le ministre de l’éducation nationale, un « recensement » du personnel sur place va d’abord être effectué. L’accueil d’élèves « quelques heures » par jour est prévu dès la semaine prochaine.
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A new tool to help countries in crisis develop an education plan

Global Partnership for Education 10 July 2017

Millions of children around the world are affected by conflict, natural disasters, complex humanitarian emergencies, internal strife, and fragility. Increasingly, the world’s out-of-school children live in countries facing war, violence and disasters. As a result, they are deprived of their right to education.

In order to maintain children’s access to quality education in these countries, the Global Partnership for Education provides targeted supports including: helping countries develop education sector plans (ESP) that reinforce emergency readiness, preparedness, and planning, providing accelerated funding to respond to crises quickly, and supporting the preparation of transitional education plans (TEP).

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Yemen’s local education group moves sector planning forward amid the crisis

GPE 16 May 2017

Despite a humanitarian crisis and an economy in tailspin, about 90% of Yemen’s schools are open, with the government trying to continue the education of over 5 million children and youth

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How to prioritize when everything is a priority

Global Partnership for Education 24 August 2016

A roadmap for education that will spell out a five-year plan for South Sudan is nearing completion. The Ministry of General Education and Instruction, with support from a broad spectrum of international partners, is finalizing an education sector plan that will take the country through to 2021 and beyond. Called the General Education Strategic Plan (GESP), it will define the country’s major educational priorities and targets.

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Education in Emergencies Global Consultation: a Common Platform

UN Office of the Secretary General's Envoy on Youth 22 January 2016

As part of broad, global efforts to strengthen the response to education in emergencies and protracted crises, INEE is leading a global consultation to facilitate dialogue and collect inputs from all over the world. This consultation focuses on how to operationalise solutions toward a new platform for global EiE work. The consultation will take place from 19 January – 5 February 2016.

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Businesses commit $50 million to get Syrian children back into school

Global Business Coalition for Education 21 January 2016

GBC-Education has enlisted more than 50 companies to support the education of Syrian refugee children. Together, these Coalition members and partners are committing more than $50 million through financing and in-kind support, the first set of commitments from the private sector in the lead up to the Syria Donors Conference.

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In DR Congo, more engagement for an improved education system

Global Partnership for Education 29 October 2015

Last week, I sat in the back of a 6th grade class at Tuyebonso Primary School in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and listened to a dynamic math teacher, as he led his 36 students in a geometry lesson. He asked them to identify and draw right, acute and obtuse angles, discussing what characteristics define a shape. The children followed along in their textbooks, which have been provided as part of the GPE-financed basic education program (called PROSEB - Projet de Soutien à l’éducation de base).

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UN envoy for education unveils plan to get 1 million Syrian children in school in 21 days

UN News Centre 10 September 2015

With more than 4 million children having left Syria – half of them for Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey – in a “crisis of biblical proportions,” the United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education today said $250 million could get 1 million refugee children in school by the time the UN General Assembly meets later this month. “While the recent focus has rightly been on refugees entering Europe, there are 4 million refugees – 2 million of them children – who are holed up in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon, many living on the streets in a crisis which is now of biblical proportions,” Gordon Brown told reporters at UN Headquarters via telephone.

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Cabo Verde: Ministério da Educação prepara o novo ano lectivo que arranca a 14 de Setembro

Sapo Cabo Verde 24 August 2015

“O Ministério da Educação e Desporto reúne esta segunda-feira, 24, na ilha Fogo, os delegados e directores das escolas secundárias do País, para avaliar o ano lectivo findo e perspectivar o próximo.”

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Lessons on learning: Providing education in crises

Devex 27 July 2015

There are more refugees and displaced people in the world today than ever recorded, and more than half of them are children. For them, and for millions more living in conflict-ridden and fragile states, education is often their only protection against becoming a lost generation, unable to bounce back from adversity without any employment prospects or a secure place in society.

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