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Favoriser l'accès de tous à une éducation de qualité, sûre et pertinente en temps de crise


Education for Peacebuilding

Nigeria: Education to Help in War Against Insurgency

AllAfrica 3 July 2014

President Goodluck Jonathan says Nigeria can use the right education to win the present war on insurgency as well as restore the unity of the country that has been threatened by the spate of violence across the country.

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The education crisis behind conflict in fragile states

Devex 3 July 2014

“Behind the CAR conflict there is an education crisis — if previous governments had given more attention to education, we wouldn’t be where we are now,” Bedan told Devex on the sidelines of the Global Partnership for Education’s second replenishment conference in Brussels last week.

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More to conflict than violence, students learn

Khabar Southeast Asia 1 July 2014

Students from conflicted areas gathered to learn peacebuilding in Indonesia.

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Norway leading the way to end military use of schools

TransConflict 30 June 2014

The Norwegian government’s leadership to promote international standards to protect schools and universities from military use during armed conflict could spare students and teachers the horrors of war.

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In South Sudan, educating children in crisis

UNICEF South Sudan 24 June 2014

It is a rainy morning in Juba, the capital of South Sudan. Despite the weather, people appear to be going about their activities as normal at the Mahad settlement for internally displaced persons (IDPs). According to NGO Terre des Hommes, which provides assistance at the settlement, this collection of makeshift shelters, on an open patch of land close to the centre of the city, is currently home to over 2,500 IDPs. Over the last six months, they have fled the conflict that has beset South Sudan; they come mostly from Bor, Pibor and Malakal, in the central and northern parts of the country. Most of the residents here are women and children.

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“Education is essential for peace,” says UNESCO Director-General in South Sudan

UNESCO 24 June 2014

“Sustainable peace can only come about if the children and youth of South Sudan are respected and have an opportunity to develop,” states Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, Leila Zerrougui, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, and Forest Whitaker, Special Envoy for UNESCO, at the end of a joint visit in South Sudan. During their joint visit, they spoke with one voice about the importance of education, reconciliation and peace building as well as the protection of children affected by armed conflict.

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Traumatisés, les enfants de la guerre jouent au soldat et au taliban au Pakistan

"IRIN" 19 June 2014

Plus de 60 000 personnes ont fui l’agence tribale du Nord-Waziristan pour rejoindre des zones plus sûres du Pakistan et de l’Afghanistan voisin suite à l’offensive militaire lancée par l’armée dans la région. La majorité des personnes en fuite était des enfants et les spécialistes de la santé mentale craignent qu’ils n’aient pas accès à des soins post-traumatiques adaptés.

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Guiné-Bissau readmitida na União Africana

Lusa 18 June 2014

“A Guiné-Bissau foi readmitida na União Africana (UA), da qual estava suspensa desde 2012, na sequência do golpe de Estado, afirmou hoje fonte daquela organização pan-africana.”

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Cultura para el posconflicto en Colombia

"El Espectador" 22 May 2014

Diferentes proyectos de fomento educativo a actividades culturales y artísticas en Colombia, evidencian el roll fundamental que tiene la educación a la cultura en los procesos de paz y reconcilicacion de un pais que, cómo Colombia entama un proceso de paz ante una guerra civil de mas de 50 años.

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Without education, there will be no peace - report

Thomson Reuters Foundation 14 May 2014

Children, parents and community leaders affected by armed conflict say education is a number one priority after they have reached safety or violence has died down, says a new study by NRC and Save the Children, financed under the EU Children of Peace initiative.

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Secretário-geral da ONU nomeia Marco Carmignani vice-Representante junto da Guiné-Bissau

PNN 9 May 2014

“O Secretário-geral da ONU, Ban Ki-moon, anunciou esta sexta-feira, 9 de Maio, que o brasileiro Marco Carmignani vai trabalhar com José Ramos-Horta à frente do Gabinete Integrado das Nações Unidas para a Consolidação da Paz na Guiné-Bissau (UNIOGBIS).”

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Multi-lingual education sows cohesion after conflict

The Australian 31 March 2014

MULTI-LINGUAL education can play a role in healing deep communal divisions, says Melbourne University language scholar Joe Lo Bianco. Professor Lo Bianco hailed a recent declaration in Burma as a step towards allowing many children in that multi-ethnic state to begin schooling in their native tongues.

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From secret school to Afghanistan’s future

BBC 22 March 2014

Running your own leadership college at the age of 24 would be pretty impressive by any standards. But Shabana Basij-Rasikh, who set up the women’s college in Kabul in Afghanistan, has been driven by her own daunting early experiences.

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Recognizing Religion in Conflict

The Daily Nexus 5 March 2014

Prof. Najeeba Syeed-Miller Presents Ways to “Heal the World” Through Empathy, Insight

Najeeba Syeed-Miller, an internationally recognized author and assistant professor of interreligious education at Claremont School of Theology, gave a talk about religious conflict and mediation at the MultiCultural Center Theater yesterday. Titled “Interfaith Peacemaking: Healing the World,” the talk highlighted the importance of understanding religion’s role in conflict escalation and resolution, as well as the consequences of ignoring this role.

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Mali pupils return to school in Timbuktu – video

The Guardian 24 February 2014

24 February 2014 - Children in Timbuktu are returning to their classrooms over a year since the end of the occupation of the ancient desert city by militant Islamists. Schools dispensing ‘western-style’ education – as opposed to Qur’anic institutions – had been prime targets for attack. Books were burned, furniture looted and buildings destroyed. Now Timbuktu is firmly on the road to postwar recovery there has been a slow but steady return to normal life

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