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Attacks on Education

Students in Syria are a textbook case for post-Islamic State re-education

Los Angeles Times 1 April 2019

Authorities begin efforts to reeducate about 25,000 school-age children being held in Al Hol, the desolate internment camp on the edge of eastern Syria for members of Islamic State’s so-called caliphate and refugees from the communities the militant group controlled in Syria and Iraq. With the radical group having lost the last of the land it controlled after nearly five years of warfare, authorities now face the challenge of reeducating the children of the militant fighters, most of them schooled from an early age in Islamic State’s barbaric ways.

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Massacre de Suzano, ataque a uma escola em São Paulo

Em País 15 March 2019

Na última quarta-feira, 13 de março, dois ex-alunos da escola mataram oito pessoas —cinco estudantes, a coordenadora e a inspetora da instituição de ensino e o tio de um deles.

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UNICEF alerta para morte de mais de 1.000 crianças na guerra da Síria em 2018

Agência Lusa 11 March 2019

“UNICEF alertou que 1.106 crianças morreram durante os combates na Síria em 2018, o ano mais letal nos quase oito de guerra, e exortou as partes em conflito a darem prioridade à sua proteção.”

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In Her Fight for Education, She Never Lost Her Voice

New York Times 1 December 2018

Martine Edjuku was born into a country in conflict.

The Democratic Republic of Congo had been in political crisis for decades, something that came into sharp focus for her once Ms. Edjuku reached high school. As the conflict intensified, teachers were not paid and schools closed.

Ms. Edjuku and fellow students took up a collection to cover the transportation costs and a small salary just to get teachers to school, and classes were able to resume.

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Joint statement of the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack

Save the Children 27 November 2018

Increasing insecurity and a significant rise in school attacks puts almost two decades of progress at risk for Afghan children

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Education in emergency: a new way to heal despite Boko Haram 1 September 2018

Insurgency has destroyed not just schools but education for children in the north east. Judith Giwa-Amu, education officer at United Nations Children’s Fund in Nigeria, says education is just what children need to heal. But providing education in emergencies doesn’t come easy.

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The UN Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2427 on July 9, during the Council’s annual Open Debate on Children and Armed Conflict (CAC), held under the presidency of Sweden. The debate followed publication of the Secretary-General’s 2018 annual report on CAC, published on June 27, which documented a 35 percent increase in grave violations in 2017, as compared with the previous year. Following the adoption, the Council was briefed by Ms. Virginia Gamba, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict; Ms. Henrietta Fore, Executive Director of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF); and Ms. Yenny Londoño, a civil society speaker representing a Group of Youth Advisers in Colombia. Ninety-one state delegations, representing approximately 116 countries, delivered statements during the Open Debate, which was overall positive in tone.

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Upcoming Elections in Afghanistan Threaten Schools

The Globe Post 30 July 2018

Girls May Suffer the Most
The upcoming Afghan presidential elections in October will make schools especially vulnerable. More than 60 percent of the voter registration and polling centers are schools.

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Four New States Endorse the Safe Schools Declaration, Bringing the Total to 79

Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack 11 July 2018

Djibouti, Macedonia, Peru, and San Marino have become the latest countries to endorse the Safe Schools Declaration, an international political commitment to protect education in war, said the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA). Seventy-nine countries have now joined the Declaration, including 21 African Union, 35 Council of Europe, and 14 Organization of American States members.

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The Sahel crisis deepens — education under attack in Burkina Faso

OCHA 11 July 2018

Hundreds of schools close as violence surges

Dark clouds dimmed the late afternoon sun before a blustery sandstorm swept through the empty schoolyard in Burkina Faso’s northern Djibo town. Fewer than 20 students were present at the school, but there were no teachers or lessons. A surge in armed raids in the country’s northern borderlands has driven 65,000 pupils and more than 2,000 teachers from schools. Between January and April this year, 44 attacks were recorded in the northern regions.

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United Kingdom 74th state to endorse the Safe Schools Declaration

Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack 19 April 2018

U.K. Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, announced his government’s endorsement of the Safe Schools Declaration today, at the Commonwealth heads of government meeting in London, said the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA). The U.K. is the 74th country to endorse the Declaration, joining two-thirds of Council of Europe and three-quarters of European Union members in committing to protect education in armed conflict.

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Malala visita cidade natal seis anos após ataque

DW 31 March 2018

Malala começou a atuar na defesa da educação para meninas com apenas 11 anos.

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CAR conflict: One in three children missing out on education

Aljazeera 1 March 2018

UNICEF says one of its workers and four teachers have been killed in the Central African Republic. It says a third of children are missing out on an education because of the fighting between armed groups. Many schools have been destroyed or are being used as camps for people who have escaped the violence.

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“Ghost schools” risk breeding militancy in Pakistan tribal areas

IRIN 25 January 2018

The school in Maminzo village has four classrooms. There are rows of desks and chairs, even a two-metre high boundary wall to protect it from the militancy that once dominated this part of remote northern Pakistan. But there are no children, no teachers.

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Retour à l’école au Kasaï : un espoir pour l’avenir des enfants

Ponabana 22 January 2018

KASAI – Le territoire de Kamiji, situé dans la Province du Lomami, a été le terrain d’affrontements entre les forces de l’ordre et les miliciens de Kamuina Nsapu. Ces violences ont obligé des populations entières à se cacher dans la brousse, loin des services de base. Durant des mois, les enfants n’ont pas pu poursuivre leur scolarité.

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