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Peer Coaching for Teachers in Crisis Contexts

The Peer Coaching for Teachers in Crisis Contexts Pack ("TiCC Peer Coaching Pack") provides an additional layer of support for teachers participating in the Training for Teachers in Crisis Contexts by preparing teachers to use Teacher Learning Circles (TLCs) and Classroom Observations. Through these collaborative activities, teachers create a network of support and develop communities of practice to strengthen their professional development after training workshops, helping teachers make sustained positive changes in their teaching practice.

The TiCC Peer Coaching Pack includes:


Why should I use it?


The most promising teacher professional development programs provide teachers with different opportunities to learn new knowledge and skills and enough time to practice these techniques in their classrooms. In crisis contexts, where many teachers are untrained or undertrained, this continued support is arguably needed most; yet professional development in these settings is sporadic, of varied quality and often lacks any follow up support post-training (Burns and Lawrie, 2015). 


How was the coaching pack developed?

The materials were developed by members of the Teachers in Crisis Contexts Collaborative (TiCC) and graduate students at Teachers College, Columbia University. They were then peer reviewed by teacher education and education in emergency experts, and field-tested in Kakuma refugee camp (Kenya) multiple times before being finalized.

Coaching pack webinar

On 27 September 2018, INEE hosted a webinar to launch the Peer Coaching Pack for Teachers in Crisis Contexts. Two detailed examples were presented of how this type of continuous professional support helps teachers make positive changes in their teaching practices.

The presentation used in this webinar can be accessed here.

Click below to watch a recording of this webinar (


What can I do to help?

INEE & TiCC are requesting the following support:

  • Writing up case studies related to using and adapting the coaching pack
  • Providing financial support for the translation and design of the coaching pack into French, Arabic, Spanish, and other languages.


How can I share feedback on recent use of the tool?

The TiCC is interested in learning how the training pack is being used, in order to improve the pack for future use. Please provide as much detail as possible on your usage of the training pack via this feedback form

Questions should be directed to [email protected].


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