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Early Childhood Development Task Team

The Early Childhood Development Task Team is inactive at this time.


The INEE Early Childhood Development Task Team is also recognized as a Working Group of the Consultative Group on Early Childhood Care and Development.

ElGeneina, W.Darfur, Kenneth Riebe, UNHCR
The purpose of the ECD Task Team / ECCD in Emergencies Working Group is to analyze and synthesize information gathered from research, case studies, successful practices and tools from the fields of ECCD and Emergencies and to use this information to:

  • Develop tools and publications and to disseminate this information for use by global actors and stakeholders in ECCD and Emergencies,
  • Advocate for improved investments, policies, and commitment to action related to young children in Emergency and Transition situations,
  • Inform the current gap in understanding that ECCD programming in Emergency situations needs to include the diverse needs of children in each phase of  the emergency, transition and normalcy,
  • Inform capacity development  of ECCE and Emergencies’ stakeholders to effectively act for children in these settings.

For more information and resources visit the Consultative Group webpages.

If you are interested in participating in this Task Team, please send an introductory email to the ECDTT email address and indicate your interest. If you are interested in this work but are not yet a member of INEE, please join us -

Contact the ECDTT conveners at [email protected].