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The Humanitarian Emergency Settings Perceived Needs Scale (HESPER): Manual with Scale

English, Arabic, French
Humanitarian System, Standards, Response, Monitoring and Evaluation, Programme Development and Implementation
Resource Type
Manual/Handbook/Guidance Document
WHO and King's College London
WHO and King's College London
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WHO_HESPER_Manual_2011_Urdu 14 MB Download
WHO_HESPER_Manual_ARA 6 MB Download
WHO_HESPER_Manual_2011_ENG 2 MB Download
WHO_HESPER_Manual_2011_FRE 2 MB Download


The Humanitarian Emergency Settings Perceived Needs Scale (HESPER) provides a quick and scientific method of assessing the perceived needs of people affected by large-scale humanitarian emergencies, such as war, conflict or major natural disaster.

This Manual is for project leaders or supervisors who wish to learn how to conduct a needs assessment using the HESPER Scale. The Manual contains all the information required to carry out a HESPER assessment, including a detailed explanation of how to use the HESPER Scale, how to train interviewers, how to organize, analyze and report on a HESPER survey, as well as the HESPER Scale itself.

The Manual is an invaluable tool for anyone concerned with planning and monitoring assistance to people in humanitarian settings.