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Promoting access to quality, safe, and relevant education for all persons affected by crisis

Proceedings of the Third Session of the Global Platform of DRR and World Reconstruction Conference

Disaster Risk Reduction
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Global Platform for DRR
Global Platform for DRR
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The Third Session of the Global Platform identified that it was critical recall and act upon the commitments at the Second Session of the Global Platform in 2009 that set targets for disaster risk reduction. For example, by 2011, national assessments of the safety of existing education and health facilities should be undertaken. By 2015, concrete action plans for safer schools and hospitals should be developed and implemented in all disaster prone countries, and disaster risk reduction should be included in all school curricula by the same year (see page 3).

  During the Education and Safe Schools side event, the panellists outlined progress made in assessing and improving school safety and enhancing disaster risk reduction education. The panelists also highlighted the urgent need for leadership, national commitment and increased investment in disaster risk reduction education and safe schools (see page 44).

  The Children’s Charter Pledge acknowledged that “schools must be safe and education must not be interrupted”. Education was the most commonly occurring theme and prioritised by all children during the consultations. Children want access to information and training in DRR, they want DRR and climate change to be included in the curriculum and for their schools to be safe and built on higher ground (see page 65).