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How to Certify Learning in a Country Split Into Two By Civil War

Conflict and War
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Journal Article
Magali Chelpi-Den Hamer, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Research in Comparative and International Education
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Following political turmoil and rising socio-economic difficulties, Côte d’Ivoire has been split into two since September 2002. The rebellion controls the northern part of the country and the main towns of Bouaké, Korhogo and Man, while the government controls the southern part with Abidjan, Yamoussoukro, Daloa and all the ports in the coastal area. At the beginning of the war, civil servants who were in place in the north of the country were called back to Abidjan to be redeployed in government-controlled areas. These included many teachers and education officials, but not all, as some of them chose to stay in the war-affected areas to continue their initial work. This article focuses specifically on governmental and local non-governmental initiatives related to education which were put in place at the onset of the crisis. What type(s) of education have been offered to the children in war-affected areas and to the displaced children in government-controlled areas? What have been the difficulties of organizing national examinations in war-affected areas? How have educational attainments been certified on both sides? The study covers the period 2002-06, and is based on document analysis, grey literature collected on site and interviews with key informants.