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EiE Crisis Spotlight Template

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Education in Emergencies, Other
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This document is available for download in English, français, español, português, اللغة.

Education in Emergencies Crisis Spotlights -

Aim: To provide up-to-date information about the impact of natural disasters and conflicts on education around the world in order to raise awareness and advocate for increased response.

Focus: This series primarily highlights crises that are outside the mainstream media and where at least part of the population does not have access to quality and safe education.

Audience: education in emergencies actors, donors, and the general public.

Your inputs: If there is an ongoing crisis where education is negatively impacted that you feel should be highlighted, please complete the template below with as much detailed information as possible. Remember to provide reputable sources for all of your information. The EiE Crisis Spotlights team will review your submission prior to posting the information on the INEE website. Send to [email protected]