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Dissertation on Children’s Responsibility for a Healthier Environment in Post-Emergencies

Alison Joyner, Alison Joyner   |   PDF

The dissertation describes a participatory action research study with primary school teachers, to explore the potential of active learning approaches to school health education. The study took place between May

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Curriculum Development in an Urban Refugee Centre in South Africa

Peter Pausigere, University of Witwatersrand   |   PDF

Whilst information is available on the social, health, economic, living conditions and political status of Zimbabwean refugees at Holy Cross refugee centre, there has been no education research carried out

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Conflict, Education and Truth Commissions: The Case of Sierra Leone

Julia Paulson, University of Oxford   |   PDF

This study presents a qualitatively designed case study investigating educational recommendations made by the Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission (SLTRC) (2004) as a part of its report following Sierra Leone’

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Competing Conceptual Frameworks in Emergency Education Interventions: A Multiple-Case Study Analysis

Henna Bakhshi, University of London   |   PDF

This study analysed EE programs for displaced children and youths in slum areas around Bogotá, Colombia. The specific target area was the impact assessment and M&E carried out

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The Case of Refugee Education in Kenya: An Analysis of Kakuma and Dadaab

Laura-Ashley Wright, University of Oxford   |   PDF

This dissertation attempts to determine the extent of educational opportunities available to refugees living in Kakuma and Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya. It examines challenges in educational provision faced by

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The Role of Teachers and their Perspectives on the Implementation of Peace Education in Rwandan Prim

University of Oxford, University of Oxford   |   PDF

Considering the ongoing need for post-genocide reconciliation and the lack of information available on the current status of peace education in Rwanda, this dissertation aims to identify the main peace

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The State of Peace Education in Sri Lanka: in Peace or in Pieces?

Mieke Lopes Cardoza, University of Amsterdam   |   PDF

This is a Masters Thesis by Mieke Lopes Cardoza from August 2006, submitted for the Msc International Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam, in cooperation with the International School for

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Education in Emergencies: Standards for Human Rights and Development

Marina Andina, Stanford University   |   PDF

This is a monograph by Marina Andina, from the International Comparative Education Department at Stanford University.

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The role of INGOs in meeting educational rights in conflict-affected fragile states

Ruth Tate, University of Sussux   |   PDF

The role of INGOs in meeting educational rights in conflict-affected fragile states: the case of ActionAid International Sierra Leone. This qualitative case study examines how ActionAid International Sierra Leone (AAISL)

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The Closing of the Gender Gap in Education: Employment, Marriage, and Motherhood

Ina Ganguli, Ricardo Hausmann and Martina Viarengo, Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government   |   PDF

In this paper we examine several dimensions of gender disparity for a sample of 40 countries using micro-level data. We show that gaps still exist in these spheres in many countries,

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