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Research and Evidence

INEE Evidence Workshop Outcome Report, New York 2018

Allison Anderson, INEE   |   PDF

On 28 September 2018, the Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies ( INEE), together with the Journal on Education in Emergencies (JEiE) and NORRAG, held a workshop at New York University on evidence

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Social Support Networks, Instant Messaging, and Gender Equity in Refugee Education

Negin Dahya, Sarah Dryden-Peterson, Daci Douhaibi, and Oliver Arvisais, Information, Communication and Society   |   PDF

This paper addresses the role of instant messaging chat groups to support teacher training and gender equity initiatives in Kenyan refugee camps. Our findings are based on survey data with

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International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) 2011


The ISCED 2011 classification was adopted by the UNESCO General Conference at its 36th session in November 2011. Initially developed by UNESCO in the 1970s, and first revised in 1997, the ISCED classification

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Journal on Education in Emergencies: From Submission to Publication Webinar

INEE, INEE   |   PDF, Video

In early 2019, the Journal on Education in Emergencies (JEiE) hosted informational webinars, geared especially for scholars from the Global South, about submitting and publishing research manuscripts and field notes with

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From Closed Books to Open Doors: West Africa’s Literacy Challenge

Caroline Pearce , Oxfam   |   PDF

In 2009, the world is faced with a dire economic situation. No one hesitates to call this situation a crisis, most governments have rushed to prioritise it, and, in response, wealthy

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Education in Emergencies & Post-Conflict Situations: Problems, Responses, and Possibilities (v. 1)

Dana Burde et al, Society for International Education, Teachers College, Columbia University   |   PDF

The articles in this volume provide a wide range of small-scale, short-term case studies exploring multiple aspects of education in emergencies. The case studies covered in this volume include Burmese

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Education in Emergencies and Post-Conflict Situations: Problems, Responses and Possibilities (v. 2)

Dana Burde et al, Society for International Education, Teachers College, Columbia University   |   PDF

The second edition includes case studies that look at both the politics and policies of education for refugees and IDPs as well as education as protective and preventative measures. Within

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From aid effectiveness to development effectiveness: strategy and policy coherence in fragile states

Clare Lockhart, Overseas Development Institute   |   PDF

This note seeks to set out the key issues relating to the challenge of policy coherence in fragile states; to summarize some mechanisms emerging from broader donor government practice to

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Toolkit for Assessing and Promoting Equity in the Classroom: Production of Equity in the Classroom

Wendy Rimer, Creative Associates International   |   PDF

The toolkit is designed to orient educators to issues of equity and to help them begin a process of research and inquiry to identify factors in schools and classrooms that

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The Two Faces of Empowerment in Conflict

Rosalind Evans, Research in Comparative and International Education   |   PDF

This article problematises Bush & Saltarelli’s call for a new and comprehensive peacebuilding education which empowers children through demonstrating that alternatives to conflict exist, that they have choices and

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