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Effective Literacy Programmes: Options for Policy-Makers

John Oxenham, UNESCO   |   PDF

In this booklet, John Ozenham focuses on literacy and numeracy skills that enable people to capitalize better on knowledge of other subjects, to participate more in the social and political

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Education Under Attack 2007

Brendan O'Malley, UNESCO   |   PDF

In the wake of the assassination of Safia Ama Jan in Kandahar, Afghanistan, Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO, announced that UNESCO would conduct a study into violence directed against

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New Lessons: The Power of Educating Adolescent Girls

Cynthia B. Lloyd, Population Council   |   PDF

New Lessons goes beyond the global action agenda in Girls Count, our previous report on girls’ education, released in 2008. It seeks to increase understanding about the education of adolescent girls.

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Disability and Displacement

Marion Couldrey & Maurice Herson (editors), Forced Migration Review   |   PDF

An oft-quoted statistic is the World Health Organisation’s estimate that persons with disabilities account for 7-10% of the world’s population. This would imply that there are three to

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Education Cluster in Pakistan Lessons Learned: Flood Response

Jessica Alexander, Global Education Cluster   |   PDF

The Global Education Cluster commissioned a comprehensive lessons learned exercise in Pakistan, covering the period from the start of the floods in July until March. This report outlines the main

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Filling the Gap: Working with Civil Society Organizations in times of crisis

Vijaya Singh, UNICEF   |   PDF

Author Vijaya Singh, former UNICEF staff member, discusses the challenges she faced in her work as a development professional while working in Sudan overseeing UNICEF

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Evaluation of NRC’s Accelerated Learning Programme in Liberia

Anne Nkutu, Trude Bang and Dorothy Tooman, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)   |   PDF

NRC has recently had an evaluation done of the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) in Liberia, which has been running from 2005. NRC will phase out of the ALP program in June 2010.

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Egyptian Law for Children in Armed Conflict


ALC to write

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Education aux droits de l’homme dans les systèmes scolaires d’Europe, d’Asie centrale et d’Amérique

Conseil de l’Europe, BIDDH/OSCE, UNESCO, HCDH, Conseil de l’Europe, BIDDH/OSCE, UNESCO, HCDH   |   PDF

Le présent recueil rassemble 101 exemples de bonnes pratiques en matière d’éducation aux droits de l’homme dans l’enseignement primaire et secondaire ainsi que dans les établissements

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Education in Emergencies and Post-Crisis Transition: Consolidated 2009 Progress Report


The Education in Emergencies and Post-Crisis Transition (EEPCT) programme implemented by UNICEF through a US$201 million contribution from the Government of The Netherlands, initiated at the end of 2007, is designed

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