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Programme Development and Implementation

Life Skills Development in Afghanistan

Dakmara Georgescu, UNESCO IBE   |   Word Doc

After the 2001 war, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education, with the support of international agencies including UNESCO and UNICEF, initiated a comprehensive revision of the primary and secondary curriculum as to

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Linking Youth with Knowledge and Opportunities in Microfinance (LYKOM) Project, Morocco

Sita Conklin, Veronica Torres, Btissam Derdari, Leila Akhmisse, Save the Children and Fondation Zakoura Microcredit   |   PDF

Save the Children and Foundation Zakoura Micro Credit (FZMC) are implementing the “Linking Youth with Knowledge and Opportunities in Micro finance,” or LYKOM (which means “for you” in Arabic), project

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ECCD in Emergencies “Principles and Practice”

Lisa Long, Global Consultation   |   PDF

Presentation - ECCD in Emergencies “Principles and Practice” for Global Consultation 2009 by Lisa Long

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Defining the Gaps: The Case of Afghanistan

Susan Wardak, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Ministry of Education   |   PDF

This paper provides a snap shot review of the accomplishments in various areas of education in Afghanistan and attempts to highlight some Gaps of serious consequences and finally makes recommendations

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Planning to conduct a workshop on the Minimum Standards for Education in Emergencies, Chronic Crises


This document contains numerous tips on preparing and conducting a training workshop on the INEE Minimum Standards. It provides guidance on preparation, content, method, the environment, and products and outcomes.

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Participatory assessment and teacher training in the aftermath of the Tsunami

Dean Brooks, INEE   |   PDF

A Case Study on the implementation of the INEE Minimum Standards in Aceh, Indonesia.

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Participation Techniques

World Food Programme, WFP   |   PDF

This section covers eleven different facilitation techniques, and awareness of each of them allows you as a facilitator to use whichever is appropriate at the time.

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Parallel worlds: rebuilding the education system in Kosovo

Marc Sommers and Peter Buckland , UNESCO- IIEP   |   PDF

In spring 1999, after a short but bloody civil war, hundreds of thousands of refugees were repatriated to Kosovo from neighbouring lands, and the United Nations Interim Administration in Kosovo (UNMIK)

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On the road to resilience Capacity: development with the Ministry of Education in Afghanistan

Morten Sigsgaard, UNESCO IIEP   |   PDF

States affected by conflict are among the farthest from achieving Education for All (EFA) goals, and many lack human and financial capacity. ‘Capacity development’ (CD) is frequently proposed as the

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O Caminho faz-se a caminhar

Gabinete de Estudos para a Educação e Desenvolvimento, [email protected] Sem Fronteiras   |   PDF

O artigo foca a experiencia da ONG angolana ADRA (Associacao para o desenvolvimento Rural e Ambiente) num pais em reconstrucao. Fornece uma visto sobre o sector da educacao, os desafios

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