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Primary Education

Fast Track to Where?

Carrie Berg, Saeed Ullah Khan, Radha Rajkotia and Lili Stern, Monday Developments   |   PDF

Fast track to Where? If mitigating conflict and displacement is the aim, does convergence around universal primary education miss the mark?

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Removing Barriers to Accessing Quality Basic Education Summary Report


Summary report of an online discussion about removing barriers to accessing quality basic education from 16 January to 2 February 2007.

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The role of data systems in improving equitable access for all to quality education in Vietnam

Ian Attfeld, Binh Thanh Vu, International Journal of Educational Development   |   PDF

The approach taken over the past decade to introduce minimum primary school standards in Vietnam is reviewed, with annual school audits that measured both input (quality) and output indicators. It

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The Role of Teachers and their Perspectives on the Implementation of Peace Education in Rwandan Prim

University of Oxford, University of Oxford   |   PDF

Considering the ongoing need for post-genocide reconciliation and the lack of information available on the current status of peace education in Rwanda, this dissertation aims to identify the main peace

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The Delivery of Education Services in Difficult Environments: The Case of Sri Lanka

M Sibbons, DFID   |   PDF

This paper, published by the Health Systems Resource Centre, examines primary education projects in Sri Lanka both during the period of conflict between the late 1990s and 2001, and in the

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Avian Flu Prevention Resources

UNICEF, UNICEF   |   PDF, Powerpoint, Word Doc

Avian Flu prevention resources have been made available by UNICEF’s East Asia and Pacific Regional Office (EAPRO) Regional Office for South Asia (ROSA). Individual documents available in this section

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Africa Progress Report 2012: Jobs, Justice and Equity

Africa Progress Panel, Africa Progress Panel   |   PDF

The Africa Progress Report is the Africa Progress Panel’s flagship publication. Its purpose is to provide an overview of the progress Africa has made over the previous year. The

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Six Steps to Abolishing Primary School Fees: Operational Guide

World Bank/ UNICEF, World Bank   |   PDF

The main objectives of this Operational Guide are to generate knowledge, guide analytical and technical work, and facilitate policy dialogue and decision making. The document aims to serve policy makers,

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Knowledge Map: Free Primary Education (FPE) and School fees in developing countries


This knowledge mapping exercise was undertaken to clarify what is known and not known about the existence and use of school fees in developing countries, with a particular focus on

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International Perspectives on the Final report and recommendations of the Cambridge Primary Review

J.R.A Williams, J.R.A Williams   |   Word Doc

In an examination of the Cambridge Primary Review, J.R.A Williams applies the lessons and policy ideas from the review to a number of the challenges facing education in

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