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Social Support Networks, Instant Messaging, and Gender Equity in Refugee Education

Negin Dahya, Sarah Dryden-Peterson, Daci Douhaibi, and Oliver Arvisais, Information, Communication and Society   |   PDF

This paper addresses the role of instant messaging chat groups to support teacher training and gender equity initiatives in Kenyan refugee camps. Our findings are based on survey data with

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A Reversal of Educational Fortune? Educational Gender Gaps in Bangladesh

M. Najeeb Shafiq, Journal of International Development   |   PDF

Historically, educational gender gaps in Bangladesh persisted as households invested more in the education of boys than girls. Recent anecdotal and descriptive reports, however, claim that Bangladesh has achieved gender

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Educational Consequences of Loss and Trauma

Atle Dyregrov, Educational and Child Psychology   |   PDF

Many children are deeply affected by loss and trauma. Although some studies mention the educational consequences of such situations, this is an aspect often overlooked. Results from different studies show

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Education in Peace Agreements

Kendra E. Dupuy, Conflict Resolution Quarterly   |   PDF

Education has been on the minds of peacemakers since the end of the Cold War, contrary to expectations. An examination of how education is addressed in full and partial post-Cold

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Education in emergencies: a critical factor in achieving the Millennium Development Goals

Rebecca Winthrop and Mary Mendenhall, The Commonwealth Ministers Reference Book   |   PDF

Education in emergencies refers to schooling and other structured activities for those whose lives have been thrown into disorder by extreme and difficult circumstances. Education in emergencies work fits squarely

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Education and Training Initiatives at the Central Methodist Church Refugee House in Johannesburg

Peter Pausigere, Perspectives in Education   |   PDF

Zimbabwean economic migrants and political refugees have been given refuge and provided with shelter at the Central Methodist Church (CMC) Refugee House, in central Johannesburg. The refugees have successfully initiated

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Fast Track to Where?

Carrie Berg, Saeed Ullah Khan, Radha Rajkotia and Lili Stern, Monday Developments   |   PDF

Fast track to Where? If mitigating conflict and displacement is the aim, does convergence around universal primary education miss the mark?

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Education in Emergencies & Post-Conflict Situations: Problems, Responses, and Possibilities (v. 1)

Dana Burde et al, Society for International Education, Teachers College, Columbia University   |   PDF

The articles in this volume provide a wide range of small-scale, short-term case studies exploring multiple aspects of education in emergencies. The case studies covered in this volume include Burmese

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Education in Emergencies and Post-Conflict Situations: Problems, Responses and Possibilities (v. 2)

Dana Burde et al, Society for International Education, Teachers College, Columbia University   |   PDF

The second edition includes case studies that look at both the politics and policies of education for refugees and IDPs as well as education as protective and preventative measures. Within

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Getting Southern Sudanese Children to School

Sibeso Luswata, Forced Migration Review   |   PDF

The Government of Southern Sudan’s Go to School Initiative, supported by UNICEF, which seeks to get 1.6 million children back in school by the end of 2007, incorporates key elements of

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