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Forced Displacement

People on the Move: Handbook of selected terms and concepts

THP Foundation, UNESCO   |   PDF

This handbook takes stock of the present use of some selected terms and concepts. It is designed to be accessible to a general public which may not be familiar with

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Original INEE Training Package Adaptation: Repatriation

INEE, INEE   |   Powerpoint, Word Doc

This adaptation and related roles are differing from the initial Zamborra background note and are different roles in that they feature a situation where peace has just been signed and

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Getting Southern Sudanese Children to School

Sibeso Luswata, Forced Migration Review   |   PDF

The Government of Southern Sudan’s Go to School Initiative, supported by UNICEF, which seeks to get 1.6 million children back in school by the end of 2007, incorporates key elements of

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Education and Conflict: An NGO Perspective

Lyndsay Bird, Forced Migration Review   |   PDF

NGOs working in education in conflict-affected areas have realised the importance of listening to children, encouraging their genuine participation in programmes and publicising and scaling up the innovations which often

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Why Certification Matters: A Review of State and non-State actions in Côte d’Ivoire schooling

Magali Chelpi-den Hamer , AMIDSt, University of Amsterdam   |   PDF

What education options have displaced children once conflict uproots them from their home? How is their learning certified, and how can they make a bridge with their pre-war educational attainments?

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Forced Migration Review Article on INEE

Allison Anderson and Mary Mendenhall, Forced Migration Review   |   PDF

Article on INEE in the Forced Migration Review July 2006

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Notes d’orientation RRMP


Le RRMP correspond à une fusion des programmes RRM et PEAR et vise à maintenir une capacité de veille humanitaire (évaluation) et de réponse rapide aux besoins urgents identifiés suite à

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Women’s Empowerment and Force Migration

Allyson Krupar, Pennsylvania State University, Department of Learning and Performance Systems   |   PDF

A Dissertation in Adult Education & Comparative and International Education This visual educational ethnography sought to understand women’s empowerment with Somali women who participated in non-governmental organizations’ (NGO) adult

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Urban Refugee Education: Strengthening Policies and Practices for Access, Quality and Inclusion

Mary Mendenhall, Susan Garnett Russell, Elizabeth Buckner, Teachers College, Columbia University   |   PDF

Given the current global refugee crisis, the aim of this report is to contribute to the discussion around the distinct educational needs of urban refugees. We focus on countries in

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