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International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) 2011


The ISCED 2011 classification was adopted by the UNESCO General Conference at its 36th session in November 2011. Initially developed by UNESCO in the 1970s, and first revised in 1997, the ISCED classification

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Education aux droits de l’homme dans les systèmes scolaires d’Europe, d’Asie centrale et d’Amérique

Conseil de l’Europe, BIDDH/OSCE, UNESCO, HCDH, Conseil de l’Europe, BIDDH/OSCE, UNESCO, HCDH   |   PDF

Le présent recueil rassemble 101 exemples de bonnes pratiques en matière d’éducation aux droits de l’homme dans l’enseignement primaire et secondaire ainsi que dans les établissements

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Food for Thought: Are school feeding programmes effective in improving educational outcomes?

International Initiative for Impact Evaluation, International Initiative for Impact Evaluation   |   PDF

Existing evidence: School feeding leads to better educational outcomes, though results are more positive for School enrolment and attendance than for cognitive performance.

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From aid effectiveness to development effectiveness: strategy and policy coherence in fragile states

Clare Lockhart, Overseas Development Institute   |   PDF

This note seeks to set out the key issues relating to the challenge of policy coherence in fragile states; to summarize some mechanisms emerging from broader donor government practice to

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Punching Below Its Weight: The U.S. Government Approach to Education in the Developing World

Rebecca Winthrop, Center for Universal Education   |   PDF

The Center for Universal Education at Brookings is pleased to announce the publication of Punching Below Its Weight: The U.S. Government Approach to Education in the Developing World. This

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Right to Education in South Darfur

Katherine Reid, Forced Migration Review   |   PDF

Education is an absolute right for all children, yet in Darfur children have always had limited access to schooling. Innovative programmes and increased assistance are vital if children in South

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Common Policy Agenda on Learning: Emerging Policy Priorities

Rebecca Winthrop, Brookings Institution   |   Word Doc

The following is a list of emerging policy priorities based on an ongoing review of the latest research. Each priority area is followed by examples of suggested strategies. The list

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Aid Information Management Systems in Post-Conflict and Fragile Situations


Conflict and crisis situations are the most challenging environments for donors seeking to deliver assistance to developing countries. Recent research and policy dialog emphasize that donors carrying out interventions in

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Staying Power: Struggling to reconstruct education in Burundi since 1993

Anna Obura , UNESCO   |   PDF

Since the crisis of 1993, Burundi has been going through a period of instability and conflict and is still living under ongoing strife. The author analyzes decade-long survival strategies in the

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Ten Objectives for More Education: BMZ Education Strategy 2010

BMZ, BMZ   |   PDF

Education is a strategic key for development. We intend to mainstream education as a key area of German development policy. This will encompass early childhood education, primary and secondary education,

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