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Disaster (natural, epidemic, climatic, etc.)

National Influenza Plan Volume 6: Ministry of Education Reporting Plan for Schools (Saint Lucia)

Government of Saint Lucia, Government of Saint Lucia   |   PDF

The following is a chronological list of important step-by-step actions schools should take before, during and after a pandemic flu outbreak. Pandemic flu can have several cycles or waves so

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Ministry of Education School Disaster Plan Template (Saint Lucia)

Government of Saint Lucia, Government of Saint Lucia   |   Word Doc

The Plan was adapted by the Saint Lucia Red Cross Society under the auspices of the DipECHO IV Project of August 2004 in collaboration with the National Emergency Management Organisation Secretariat

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Oshikoto Region, Namibia Flood Contingency Plan (2009-2010)

Government of Namibia, Government of Namibia   |   Word Doc

Oshikoto region is exposed to many hazards that include hydrometeor logical hazards particularly floods droughts and wild fires as well as epidemiological hazards mostly acute watery diarrhea and malaria outbreaks.

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Kavango Region, Namibia Flood Contingency Plan (2009-2010)

Government of Namibia, Govovernment of Namibia   |   Word Doc

The flood contingency plan is aimed at establishing an effective regional mechanism to prevent mitigate and respond to the flood disasters in the region. The Flood Contingency plan is based

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Continuidad de la prestación del servicio educativo en situaciones de emergencia

Ministra de Educación Nacional, Ministra de Educación Nacional   |   PDF

El Ministerio de Educación Nacional, en ejercicio de las competencias establecidas en la Ley 715 de 2001, imparte lineamientos a las secretarías de educación de las entidades territoriales certificadas

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Cholera Outbreaks - Prevention and Mitigation: Updates and Resources (Listserv Message)


Sent to the Main INEE Listserv 2 November 2010

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Comprehensive School Safety Framework


The CSS framework is intended to advance the goals of the Worldwide Initiative for Safe Schools and the Global Alliance for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience in the Education Sector,

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Decision Tree Diagrams on Factors Affecting Choice of Fuel Strategy in Humanitarian Settings


The goal of these Diagrams is to address the range of and difference between fuel-related needs in the field – recognising that there is no single fuel or energy technology appropriate

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Staying Safe: My Hurricane Plan

Mindy Kronenberg, Ph.D, LSU Health Sciences Center   |   PDF

When a hurricane comes towards our area, the weathermen and women watch it closely to make sure that everyone will be safe. If it looks like the hurricane may come

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Report on the 2009-10 Dzud Disaster: Impact on Schools, Children and Teachers in Mongolia

James Lawrie, Odgerel Dandii, Save the Children   |   PDF

Dzud is a Mongolian term for an extremely snowy winter in which livestock are unable to find fodder through the snow cover, and large numbers of animals die due to

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