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Disaster Risk Reduction

DRR in Education: An Imperative for Policymakers


Education is central to building society’s resilience to hazardsDisasters are occurring at an alarming frequency and with increased severity in Asia and the Pacific. Along with climate change related

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Disaster Risk Reduction Begins at School: What Can Be Done


World Disaster Reduction Campaign

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Risk Matrix Emergency Profile: Dominican Republic Sample

UNICEF, UNICEF   |   Word Doc

Sample Dominican Republic, Emergency Profile, May 2004

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INEE Toolkit: Disaster Risk Reduction and Preparedness


The tools and resources listed below are a selection from the INEE Toolkit, a new document that will shortly be published by INEE. The toolkit has been developed in response

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Disaster Risk Reduction Begins at School: Roundtable Discussion

UN, UN   |   Word Doc

Next Steps for the 2006-2008 UN/ISDR World Disaster Reduction Campaign Minutes of the Roundtable Discussion held on 10 October 2007 at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland in presence of students

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Disaster Prevention: A Safe Foundation for Full Inclusion

Risk RED, UNISDR   |   PDF

The World Education Forum’s Dakar Framework for Action: Education for All (EFA) (UNESCO, 2000) acknowledged that natural hazards pose significant challenges to countries in meeting their EFA goals, and would

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Disaster Risk Reduction in Education Resource Pack Training Modules

Ministry of Education (Myanmar) and UNESCO, Next Steps for the 2006-2008 UN/ISDR World Disaster Reduction Campaign   |   PDF

Module 1: Introduction to Disaster Risk Reduction in Education Module 2: Localising Disaster Risk Reduction in Education Module 3: Identifying, Assessing and Monitoring Disaster Risks in the Education Sector Module 4: Building a Culture

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Emergency Preparedness Plan for Early Care and Education Pre-School/Day Care (Template)

NEMO Secretariat, Government of Saint Lucia   |   Word Doc

These materials are provided for informational purposes only, with the aim of assisting organizations in developing emergency preparedness plans.  Permission is granted to adapt or reproduce these materials to

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National Influenza Plan Volume 6: Ministry of Education Reporting Plan for Schools (Saint Lucia)

Government of Saint Lucia, Government of Saint Lucia   |   PDF

The following is a chronological list of important step-by-step actions schools should take before, during and after a pandemic flu outbreak. Pandemic flu can have several cycles or waves so

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Children on the Frontline: Children and Young People in Disaster Risk Reduction

Daniel Walden, Nick Hall, and Kelly Hawrylyshyn, Plan International and World Vision International   |   PDF

Plan and World Vision argue that children, who represent 50% of the world’s population, can and do play invaluable roles in planning and implementing disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate

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