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Promoting access to quality, safe, and relevant education for all persons affected by crisis

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Disaster (natural, epidemic, climatic, etc.)

Emergency Alibi

Gerald Martone and Hope Neighbor, Human Rights and Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons and Migrant Worker   |   Word Doc

High profile crises are an irresistible call to action for the disaster relief industry. “Its an emergency” becomes our mantra as we readily focus our efforts on the transitory emergency

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IASC Operational Guidelines on Human Rights and Natural Disasters

IASC, Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement   |   PDF

There are guidelines on humanitarian action in emergencies, including situations of natural disaster. There are also standards on protecting human rights in situations of armed conflict, internal displacement and refugee

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Adaptation Policy Frameworks for Climate Change: Developing Strategies, Policies and Measures

B. Lim, E. Spanger-Siegfried, I. Burton, E. Malone, and S. Huq, UNDP and Cambridge University Press   |   PDF

Adaptation is a process by which individuals, communities and countries seek to cope with the consequences of climate change. The process of adaptation is not new; the idea of incorporating

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OCHA and slow-onset emergencies


These occasional policy briefs are non-papers. They serve as a basis for promoting further discussion and policy analysis in their respective areas.

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Preventing Corruption in Humanitarian Operations: Handbook of Good Practices

Transparency International, Transparency International   |   PDF

The whole handbook contains guidance on what to look out for in order to detect corruption and how to create and test an organisation’s prevention mechanisms. Ultimately, because each

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Guidance on Risk-Informed Programming


How to integrate an analysis of risk into child rights-focused planning and programming. The UNICEF Guidance for Risk-informed Programming (GRIP) is a package of general and sector-specific modules that propose

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Original INEE Training Package Adaptation: Early Reconstruction


This is an adaptation of the initial Zamborra background note in the original training package (sessions on assessment, design, monitoring and evaluation) and related roles with a focus on early

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Emergency Contingency Planning Template (Arabic)


ALC to add description

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Resilience in Education System (RES-360 degree) Toolkit

Joel Reyes, Linda Liebenberg, Darlyn Meza, World Bank   |   PDF

One of the Education Resilience Approaches (ERA) programs first major tools, the Resilience in Education System (RES) 360 degree rapid assessment helps both national education institutions (e.g. Ministries of Education)

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Education Cluster in Pakistan Lessons Learned: Flood Response

Jessica Alexander, Global Education Cluster   |   PDF

The Global Education Cluster commissioned a comprehensive lessons learned exercise in Pakistan, covering the period from the start of the floods in July until March. This report outlines the main

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