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Education, Conflict and International Development

Alan Smith & Tony Vaux, DFID   |   PDF

This paper was commissioned by DFID in order to review significant issues related to education and conflict reduction. The report is divided into four main sections. In the first section, the authors examine the relationship between education and conflict. In the second, they look at ways in which the education …

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In My Classroom: A Guide to Reflective Practice

Mona Habib, USAID/AIR

A Note to the User of In My Classroom:A Guide to Reflective Practice

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Planning education in and after emergencies

Margaret Sinclair, UNESCO-IIEP   |   PDF

A debate in the milieu of educational planning is how and why education should be adapted in situations of emergency and to what extent it should be considered a high priority issue. In this booklet, the author emphasizes the important role of education in instilling social and ethical values in …

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Education for a Future: Refugee Education in Developing Countries

Jeff Crisp, Christopher Talbott, Daiana Cipollone , UNHCR   |   PDF

The research papers presented here represent a step forward in the task of developing deeper professional insights into the field of refugee education and education in emergency situations in general. It is hoped that they will be of assistance to field practitioners and programme managers, but also to donors in …

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The Dakar Framework for Action – Education for All: Meeting our Commitments

World Education Forum , World Education Forum   |   PDF

The Dakar Framework is a collective commitment to action. National governments have an obligation for ensuring to ensure that Education for All goals and targets are reached and sustained, a responsibility that can be met most effectively through broad-based partnerships within countries, supported by co-operation with regional and international agencies …

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Education in Situations of Emergency and Crisis: Challenges for the New Century

Kacem Bensalah, et al, UNESCO   |   PDF

This study is one of a series of thematic studies prepared as part of the Education for All (EFA) Assessment for the Year 2000, co- ordinated by the EFA Forum. It has been prepared on a co- operative basis, with inputs from leading UN, donor and non- governmental organizations active in …

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Peace Education in UNICEF

Susan Fountain , UNICEF   |   PDF

This working paper is produced to describe Peace Education programmes in UNICEF. Peace education programmes have been developed in a number of UNICEF country offices and National Committees for UNICEF over the past decade. Ideas are continually evolving about how to use the full range of children’s educational experiences …

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Education in Emergencies and for Reconstruction: A developmental approach

Mary Joy Pigozzi, UNICEF   |   PDF

The paper outlines a set of broad strategies for UNICEF’s work in education in emergencies, and provides a summary of the organization’s approach, some practical information on implementation, and an identification of areas where more work is needed. It is intended to provide information and to stimulate the …

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Rapid Educational Response in Complex Emergencies: A Discussion Document

Pilar Aguilar and Gonzalo Retamal , UNESCO, UNICEF, UNHCR   |   PDF

This document is an attempt to open a dialogue among educators work- ing in the area of complex emergencies. It recognizes that most of the newly tested educational interventions lack a long-term perspective. Education, whether for peace and reconciliation or in the reconstruction of human resources, is hardly addressed at …

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Educational Destruction and Reconstruction in Disrupted Societies

Sobhi Tawil , UNESCO   |   PDF

Since the World Conference on Education for All (Jomtien, 1990), education in conflict and crisis situations has emerged as a new challenge to be addressed by the international community. Indeed, the initial optimism of a post-Cold War world based on peace has given way to the recognition of the spread of …

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