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Developing an INEE Strategic Research Agenda for education in emergencies, chronic crises, early recovery and fragile contexts


The Need for a Strategic Research Agenda

Despite a growing number of publications over the past decade, there is limited research evidence on the value and impact of education in the prevention of, response to and recovery from natural disasters and complex emergencies. There is insufficient documentation of field experience to permit institutional learning across agencies and ministries. Moreover, there is a need to establish the intellectual, academic and research foundations of the discipline to support the professionalisation of the field and its capacity both to produce and be informed by sound research. As the leading network of practitioners and policy makers in the field of education in crisis-affected contexts, INEE is often called upon by a wide range of stakeholders to identify research priorities and to advise on how to respond to research gaps and has therefore initiated the creation of an INEE Strategic Research Agenda (SRA).


The Vision

The development and implementation of a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) that at once synthesizes existing research and evidence, lays out a clear and sequential plan for research in the field, and offers methodological guidance by building evidence-based knowledge and providing a principled basis for decision making about policies, plans and actions. The SRA is envisioned as a web-based platform that can highlight and cross-reference research topics and themes in order to represent priorities according to distinct research and knowledge needs. This allows the SRA to build on existing research mapping exercises and organizational categories within the field, while creating new categories according to emerging research needs and identified research gaps. Researchers, policymakers, donors and practitioners will be able to search the SRA according to their specific interests and research needs and will be able to see clearly how research in their area of interest can contribute to building the knowledge in the field as a whole.


The Process

INEE will engage its members and key partners in the collaborative development and implementation of the Strategic Research Agenda. In doing so, the network will leverage its unique membership and inter-agency approach to consolidate the work already underway and organize and coordinate inquiry in the field. To ensure that the SRA speak to the diverse research needs and knowledge gaps across practitioners, policymakers, donors and researchers engaged in work around education in crisis-affected contexts, it will be developed through a multi-stage consultative process, consisting of the following elements:

  • Development of a Research Contacts Database (RCD). The RCD provides a forum for INEE members to document and share their research expertise and reaches out to researchers beyond the INEE networks with relevant expertise in order to build a searchable global database of researchers and research expertise in the area of education in instability.
  • In-depth consultation with Resource Experts. A team of forty Resource Experts drawn from research, policymaking, donor and NGO communities offers suggestions as to pressing research needs, appropriate research methodologies and strategies to create a responsive research agenda.
  • SRA Consultations. INEE will host a SRA Consultation Working Session at the INEE Global Consultation in Istanbul in March 2009. A second consultation will occur when a draft of the SRA is distributed to all members of the RCD in spring 2009. All feedback will be incorporated into the final SRA.

To see the Strategic Research Agenda: Questions on the Minimum Standards, please click here.

For more information or if you would like to be included in the INEE Research Contacts Database please contact [email protected]

Academics and researchers can also share their articles and papers relating to education in emergencies, chronic crisis, early recovery and fragile contexts on INEE's Academic Space here.