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Promoting access to quality, safe, and relevant education for all persons affected by crisis


Preventing Violent Extremism

Students in Syria are a textbook case for post-Islamic State re-education

Los Angeles Times 1 April 2019

Authorities begin efforts to reeducate about 25,000 school-age children being held in Al Hol, the desolate internment camp on the edge of eastern Syria for members of Islamic State’s so-called caliphate and refugees from the communities the militant group controlled in Syria and Iraq. With the radical group having lost the last of the land it controlled after nearly five years of warfare, authorities now face the challenge of reeducating the children of the militant fighters, most of them schooled from an early age in Islamic State’s barbaric ways.

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The role of education is paramount in de-radicalisation

The Week 2 August 2018

As cornered Islamic State fighters flee conflict zones of Syria, and Mosul in Iraq, leaving a trail of death and destruction, Maqsoud Kruse, executive director of Saudi Arabia-based Hedayah Centre, a global centre for countering violent extremism, says the world community must address the question of how to deal with the men, women and children of Daesh coming from conflict zones.

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Can Education Really Reduce Armed Group Recruitment?

Peace News 28 July 2018

Somalia has been engaged in a civil war for almost 30 years, and with over 70 per cent of its population is under 30 years of age, youth and youth education appear to be the key to a peaceful future in the country.

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Education is sole response to militant violence, says Macron

France 24 2 February 2018

Education is the sole response to the global rise of extremism, French President Emmanuel Macron told a conference in Senegal on Friday where he pledged €200 million ($248 million) to support an international education fund.

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“Ghost schools” risk breeding militancy in Pakistan tribal areas

IRIN 25 January 2018

The school in Maminzo village has four classrooms. There are rows of desks and chairs, even a two-metre high boundary wall to protect it from the militancy that once dominated this part of remote northern Pakistan. But there are no children, no teachers.

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In war zones across the world, education is being cut out of foreign aid – so young people join Isis

Independent 28 May 2017

We all know that education is a fundamental human right. But more than that, quality education is a foundation of tolerance, pluralism and security in society – something which is pertinent to remember in the wake of attacks like the one we saw at Manchester Arena this week. Put simply, a lack of education is a driver of extremist ideologies; in a world where there are so many conflict zones, it’s more urgent than ever that foreign aid is allocated for education that gives young people the resilience and critical skills to reject hate and violence.

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