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Promoting access to quality, safe, and relevant education for all persons affected by crisis


Peace Education

Education holds the key to peace in Pakistan

Asia Times 27 February 2018

Peace education is not emphasized strongly enough in Pakistan, a fragmented country plagued by ethnic, political, territorial and sectarian violence.

Almost every South Asian nation is coping with conflict and militancy to some extent. But Pakistan has been especially prone to armed conflict, which comes in the form of terrorism, religious militancy, ethnic separatism, and border disputes. A major cause of these problems is the fragmented nature of Pakistani society.

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The success of post-conflict peace studies rests with teaching teachers

Relief Web 22 May 2017

In recent years, it has become common practice within post-conflict countries to introduce peace education or human rights courses into the school curricula.

After the 2007 violent elections in Kenya, for instance, a peace education course was introduced into the secondary school curriculum. This course aimed to mitigate ethnic tensions and increase inter-group tolerance among pupils.

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Experts: Peace education key to global harmony

The New Times 21 February 2017

Peace and conflict scholars have called for all countries to promote peace education in school curriculum, saying it will go a long way in ensuring a conflict-free world.

The experts were speaking during the first day of a peace education conference organised by Aegis Trust at Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre in Gisozi, yesterday.

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The South Sudanese Government, the communities, and the international communities should invest in E

The Comrades Cable 15 August 2016

According to the World Bank (2005) report on post-conflict education (as cited in Mundy & Sarah, 2011, p.27) recommends prioritizing education as a critical post-conflict intervention for reshaping the future and identifies the need to focus on reestablishing a functioning school system as a peace dividend that will foster confidence in the period of transformation toward peace.

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Modern Diplomacy 20 July 2016

It is a known fact that education has a great potential for bringing peace in conflict zones. Education can play a constructive role in development of peace building perspective and thereby promoting socioeconomic development and preventing the recurrence of violence. But unfortunately in the recent violence in Kashmir, when all the educational institutions are closed down, there is hardly any concrete plan or action undertaken to bring education back to track or strengthen stakeholder coordination or initiate, promote and implement educational initiatives in support of peacebuilding.

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Africa: Children’s Education Is Too Important to Be a Casualty of War

AllAfrica 20 June 2016

With wars and persecution driving more than 20 million people worldwide - half of them children - to seek protection in other countries, many are struggling to access basic services. This includes healthcare and education, and the important day-to-day needs of food and shelter. While education is the single most important tool we can equip children with, it is often one of the first casualties of conflicts and emergencies. Less than two per cent of global humanitarian funding is currently provided to pay for learning during crises - thereby wasting the potential of millions of children, worldwide.

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Rwanda: Three-Year Peace Education Program Concludes With Peace Week and Youth Conference

AllAfrica 19 June 2016

After three years of building sustainable peace in communities across the country, the Rwanda Peace Education Program (RPEP) is coming to a close. The conclusion of the program will be marked by a Peace Week that starts on Monday and will include various activities to share the success of the program and encourage all Rwandans to be champions of peace in their own villages and families.

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Ethiopia: Education - Key to Resilience, Sustainable Development

AllAfrica 7 June 2016

Quality education, as an opportunity for all, is essential for nation’s development and to secure peace and security. Hence, many countries are working to offer better education for all.

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Nigeria : deux jeunes filles kamikazes font 15 morts dans un marché de Kano

Jeune Afrique 19 November 2015

Quelques heures après l’explosion de Yola qui a provoqué la mort d’une trentaine de personnes, la ville de Kano a été à son tour frappée par un double attentat à la bombe mercredi. Bilan : quinze personnes tuées et plus de 50 blessées.

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The crucial role of teachers in peacebuilding

Global Partnership for Education 28 October 2015

‘The Role of Teachers in Peacebuilding’ is the latest literature review from the Research Consortium on Education and Peacebuilding. Carried out by a team of experts from the University of Sussex, the review explores the role of teachers in promoting peace, reconciliation, social cohesion and violence mitigation in countries affected by conflict. Teachers often play a central, but revealed role in peacebuilding. This is the crucial conclusion of the new literature review.

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Angola: Educação trabalha na preservação da paz

Agência Angola Press 2 July 2015

“O ministro da Educação, Pinda Simão, afirmou hoje, quinta-feira, que o pelouro que dirige vai contribuir para a preservação da paz, educando e moldando as mentes dos jovens para o respeito aos valores morais e cívicos.”

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Study in war zone preparation for higher education, life

Poughkeepsie Journal 29 May 2015

For as long as I can remember, I always had dreams of going to college. I enjoyed the thoughts of campus life, social community and making connections with people that shared common goals.

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Hopgood: autonomiser tous les enseignant(e)s afin de faire de la citoyenneté mondiale une réalité

Internationale de l'Éducation 4 February 2015

En se basant sur les événements actuels pour mettre en exergue la radicalisation et la division, la Présidente de l’Internationale de l’Education, Susan Hopgood, n’a pas manqué d’appeler à accorder davantage d’attention à l’enseignement de qualité comme moyen d’améliorer l’éducation à la citoyenneté mondiale aux quatre coins du monde.

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Millions of children devastated by conflict in 2014

World Bulletin 31 December 2014

As 2014 winds down, it comes as no surprise that children were hit the hardest by violence and conflict across the globe, the UN children’s agency said.

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Le Pape : «Nous ne pouvons nous résigner aux conflits du Moyen-Orient»

Radio Vatican 30 December 2014

Nous ne pouvons nous résigner aux conflits au Moyen-Orient. Voilà l’idée centrale de la longue lettre que le Pape François a adressée ce mardi aux chrétiens de la région. Dans ce texte, le Pape rappelle son voyage en Terre Sainte et la rencontre de prière au Vatican avec les présidents israélien et palestinien. François lance ensuite une invitation à «prier pour la paix au Moyen-Orient». «Que ceux qui ont été contraints de quitter leurs terres, peut-on lire, puissent y revenir et y vivre dans la dignité et la sécurité.» Concrètement, le Pape François demande de renforcer l’assistance humanitaire en mettant toujours au centre le bien de la personne et de chaque pays. Le Saint-Père fait l’éloge également en particulier de travail de la Caritas et des organisations caritatives pour «aider toutes les populations sans préférences».

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