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Promoting access to quality, safe, and relevant education for all persons affected by crisis

INEE Guidance Notes on Safer School Construction

The INEE Guidance Notes on Safer School Construction provide a framework of guiding principles and general steps to develop a context-specific plan to address a critical gap to reaching the Education for All (EFA) and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) through the disaster resilient construction and retrofitting of school buildings. The Guidance Notes briefly address the need and rationale for safer school buildings; recommend a series of suggested steps that highlight key points that should be considered when planning a safer school construction and/or retrofitting initiative; and identify basic design principles and requirements a school building must meet to provide a greater level of protection. Finally, the Guidance Notes provide a list of key resources for more detailed, technical and context-specific information.

This resource is available in Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, and Spanish. You can download the resource here.

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