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Education Finance in Fragile Situations

Insufficient funding prevents or interrupts education for millions of children living in situations of fragility.  Despite accounting for 42% of the world’s 61 million out-of-school children of primary school age (a total of 28 million children), education accounts for just 2% of humanitarian aid provided to conflict-affected fragile states (UNESCO 2011).  Addressing education finance in situations of fragility is an urgent and essential component of improving overall education in states affected by fragility.

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The INEE Working Group on Education and Fragility 2008-2011 initiated several collaborative efforts to address the vital issue of education finance in fragile situations, the first of which was the 2008 INEE Policy Roundtable on Education Finance in States Affected by Fragility. In preparation for the Policy Roundtable, the Working Group commissioned CfBT Education Trust to carry out the Framing Paper on Education Finance in States Affected by Fragility. This framing paper focused on the current state of education financing in terms of official development assistance and humanitarian funding; the effectiveness of existing modalities for financing education based on their contribution to the OECD-DAC Principles for Good Engagement in Fragile States and Situations; and the potential effectiveness of new and innovative models for financing education in situations of fragility. An outcome report was then produced outlining the event and the resulting recommendations for future action, advocacy and research.

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Recent Developments on Financing Modalities

Following recommendations from the Policy Roundtable on Education Finance in States Affected by Fragility, the Working Group on Education and Fragility undertook a two-phase process to:

  1. develop further analysis of education financing modalities based on six country case studies and the findings from the framing paper for the 2008 Policy Roundtable; and
  2. develop a user-friendly tool for country-based stakeholders, particularly national governments, to inform their decision-making and implementation of effective education financing modalities.

In phase one, an in-depth analysis report was developed - entitled Appropriate and Effective Financing Modalities and Channels for Fragile Situations - examining various education financing modalities and their potential effectiveness in various situations of fragility.

In the second phase, this report was used to develop the content and design of the “INEE Reference Guide on External Education Financing,” in response to requests from education specialists in developing countries, who sought an easily accessible description of the different types of external education funding.

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