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Promoting access to quality, safe, and relevant education for all persons affected by crisis

Education in crises - How can technology make a difference?

A webinar on the use of technology for education in crisis contexts, held on 18 May 2016 and attended by more than 110 participants, highlighted promising approaches, challenges, and lessons learned regarding the use of ICT in education for refugees and IDPs.

This discussion forum stems from the presentations and questions during that webinar and is a place for further exchange on the topic. We have populated the forum with some of the questions from the webinar, but please feel free to add more questions, comments, feedback, and experience directly in the forum.

And we are pleased to let you know that the INEE Technology and Education in Crises Task Team (TecTT) will be hosting more webinars and interactive events on this topic in the weeks and months ahead. Stay informed about future events related to ICT4EiE by visiting the INEE website and subscribing to the INEE technology and education mailing list.

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