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Conflict Sensitive Education

Conflict sensitive education (CSE) means “understanding the context in which the education policy/programme takes place, analyzing the two-way interaction between the context and the education policy/programme, and acting to minimize negative impacts and maximise positive impacts of education policies and programming on conflict, within an organization’s given priorities” (adapted from Conflict Sensitivity Consortium).

Education policies and programmes that only focus on technical solutions are not sufficient to address the challenges found in conflict-affected contexts. If attention to conflict is not integrated into education policy and programming, there is a risk that education investments will increase tensions.

It is crucial that all humanitarian, development, and educational programmes respond to the context and the dynamics of the conflict by being “conflict sensitive,” both minimizing negative impacts and maximizing positive impacts.

What is Conflict Sensitive Education?

Watch the video (4:04) below to learn more.


Key Stats

  • 21.5 million children and 15 million adolescents that are out-of-school worldwide live in 32 countries affected by conflict (UNESCO, 2016)
  • Conflict-affected countries have only 20% of the world’s primary-school-age children but 50% of the world’s out-of-school children. (UNESCO, 2015)
  • There are 17 million school-age refugees and internally displaced children in countries affected by conflict. (ODI, 2016)


Key Activities

INEE Conflict Sensitve Education Pack

In order to support the integration of conflict sensitivity in education policies and programs in conflict-affected and fragile contexts, INEE has developed a series of tools and guidance documents that make up the INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Pack (CSE Pack). The CSE Pack includes the resources described below.

1. Guiding Principles
This one-page document outlines the INEE Guiding Principles on Integrating Conflict Sensitivity in Education Policy and Programming in Conflict-Affected and Fragile Contexts. It describes the following principles: 1. Assess; 2. Do no harm; 3. Prioritize prevention; 4. Promote equity and the holistic development of the child as a citizen; 5. Stabilize, rebuild or build the education system; and 6. Development partners should act fast, respond to change, and stay engaged beyond short-term support. Click to watch a Prezi presentation on the INEE CSE Guiding Principles.

2. Reflection Tool
This Reflection Tool is designed to help you reflect on the impact of conflict dynamics on education programs and how these education programs can help either mitigate or exacerbate the conflict dynamics. It can be used to integrate conflict sensitivity at all stages of the project cycle: assessment, design, implementation/management, monitoring and evaluation. 

3. Guidance Note
The Guidance Note offers strategies for developing and implementing conflict sensitive education programs and policies. Building upon the INEE Minimum Standards, the Guidance Note offers guidance on conflict sensitive education design and delivery at all levels and in all types and phases of conflict. It is a useful tool for practitioners, policy-makers and researchers working in conflict-affected and fragile contexts. A Quick Reference Tool on Conflict Sensitive Education is included (p. 43), providing bulleted guidance, key actions, and suggestions for conflict sensitive education.

The CSE Pack is accompanied by several supporting materials:

Click to download ZIP files of various collections of the CSE Pack materials:

If you have questions regarding the INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Pack or the supporting materials, please contact [email protected].

Conflict Sensitive Education Online Course

The Conflict Sensitive Education Online Course is a free, interactive e-learning course designed to give a broad overview of education considerations in conflict environments. This course is intended for field practitioners, donors, and other professionals working in the field of education in emergencies.

The CSE Online Course is based on the content of the INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Pack, which supports the integration of conflict sensitivity into education policies and programs in conflict-affected contexts. The training addresses: 1) steps for conducting a conflict analysis; 2) interactions between programs and conflict; 3) access to learning environments; 4) conflict sensitive strategies for teaching and learning and development of education policy; and 5) methods of monitoring and evaluation.


The CSE Online Course can be accessed at

Registration (free) on the Moodle platform is required to access the course;
you can use an existing Moodle account or create a new one for free.


INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Whiteboard Videos

Based on the INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Pack, and developed in coordination with INEE members and Truscribe, this whiteboard video illustrates conflict sensitive strategies for each of the INEE Minimum Standards five domains. This video is available in English, French, Arabic, and Spanish (subtitles only) online. The original video files can also be downloaded here (roughly 2GB per language).

  • Full video in English (24:14)
  • Full video in French (25:54)
  • Full video in Arabic (26:24)
  • Full video with Spanish Subtitles (24:32)

Each full video is also available in six shorter video segments:

  1. Why Conflict Sensitive Education? (3:54) 
    EnglishFrenchArabicSpanish (subtitles only)
  2. Conflict Sensitive Strategies for Community Participation, Coordination and Analysis (3:34) 
    English, FrenchArabicSpanish (subtitles only)
  3. Conflict Sensitive Strategies for Access and Learning Environment (4:06)  
    EnglishFrenchArabicSpanish (subtitles only)
  4. Conflict Sensitive Strategies for Teaching and Learning (4:23) 
    EnglishFrenchArabic, Spanish (subtitles only)
  5. Conflict Sensitive Strategies for Teachers and Other Education Personnel (4:15) 
    EnglishFrenchArabicSpanish (subtitles only)
  6. Conflict Sensitive Strategies for Education Policy (4:05)  
    EnglishFrenchArabicSpanish (subtitles only)

INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Training Modules

INEE has developed training materials based on the CSE Pack. The CSE Training Modules may be delivered in 2-day or 90 minute sessions, and the materials are available in English, Arabic, French and Spanish. You can find additional training and capacity development tools related to CSE on the INEE Toolkit.

  • INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Training Module 90 Minute:  This 90-minute training module is based on the INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Pack created to support the integration of conflict sensitivity in education policies and programs. This module includes a PowerPoint presentation, activity handouts, facilitator's guide and Activity 2 strategy strips.  The CSE Pack is required for the training and is not included in this download package.    Arabic  |  French
  • INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Training 8 Modules for 2-days:  This extended 2-day training includes 8 modules and is based on the INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Pack created to support the integration of conflict sensitivity in education programs and policies. The training package includes a PowerPoint presentation, activity handouts and facilitator's guide for each module. Topics explored include conflict analysis, interaction between program parameters and conflict and conflict sensitive strategies for each of the 5 domains of the INEE Minimum Standards.The CSE Pack is required for the training and is not included in this download package.       Arabic  |  FrenchSpanish
  • Additional Resources (for either 90 Minute or 2-day):   These additional resources support the INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Training. These resources include answers to frequently asked questions, training evaluation form, certificate of participation, post-training follow-up email to participants, a template host agency 'thank you' letter as well as guidance on the steps necessary to contextualize the materials. Updated certificate of participation: September 2017.   Arabic  |  French | Spanish edition forthcoming
  • INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Feedback Form for Trainees:   INEE wants to hear from you! What steps have you taken to improve the conflict sensitivity of education? INEE wants to learn from your experience using the INEE CSE Pack and Training so that we can share good practices with other users. You can share your experience through blog, interview or by filling out this form. Contact [email protected] for more information.


INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Training of Trainers and Learning Community

In 2017, the INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Sub-Working Group focused on enhancing the accessibility of the CSE Pack among partners working in emergencies and protracted crises to increase the relevance of the Pack for users, increase involvement of government representatives in CSE training and planning, and improve sustainability of CSE Pack use and training.   

To accomplish this objective, INEE organized a CSE Training of Trainers (ToT) held in July 2017 and selected a number of "anchor organizations" (AO) to rollout multi-agency, in-country CSE trainings within six (6) months after the ToT. The 32 ToT participants come from the different AO and are responsible for planning and implementing the rollout of the CSE trainings. Participants continue to benefit from the ongoing capacity development as part of a Learning Community facilitated by INEE to enable peer-to-peer support and exchange of best practices and ideas. Learn more at the CSE Learning Community Online Portal.

INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Training Webinars

Please note that the audio quality of some of the recordings is sub-optimal; this is a technology glitch that we have not yet been able to resolve.


Paris Symposium and Declaration

On 8 April 2013, INEE and UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) organized a High-Level Symposium in Paris in order to bring together around 200 education stakeholders to discuss the challenges of providing quality education in conflict-affected contexts, and to offer concrete recommendations to promote the implementation of conflict-sensitive education. Click to watch a video summary of the High-Level Symposium. The video is set to the music of Peter Yarrow, of Peter, Paul, and Mary fame, who performed in an event at the close of the symposium.

Participants endorsed by acclamation the Paris Symposium Declaration that calls for the prioritization of conflict sensitive education in conflict affected and fragile contexts. The Declaration calls for the prioritization of conflict sensitive education that promotes a common framework to provide quality education to children, youth, and adults affected by violence and armed conflicts. ​The Declaration encourages the adoption of the INEE Guiding Principles and the use of the INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Pack.


Key Resources


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