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Promoting access to quality, safe, and relevant education for all persons affected by crisis

Launch: INEE Strategic Framework 2018-2023

10 April 2019

We are pleased to share with you the INEE Strategic Framework 2018-2023.

This document guides the network -- all of us! -- to play an ever more effective role in the delivery of quality, safe, and relevant education for all those affected by emergencies and protracted crises.

As detailed in this strategic framework, INEE will continue to lead on existing and new groundbreaking initiatives, and will do so with a focus on four strategic priorities:

  1. Provide thought leadership and global advocacy
  2. Strengthen capacity to deliver quality, safe, relevant, and equitable education for all
  3. Provide, curate, and organize knowledge to inform policy and practice
  4. Strengthen and diversify INEE membership

In conjunction with the strategic priorities, INEE will, over the next few years, target four thematic focus areas: 1. Humanitarian-development coherence; 2. Defining and measuring quality learning; 3. Mental health and well-being; 4. Youth and skills. This enables the network to engage and contribute to core aspects of education in emergencies in a focused way through the various network spaces.

The INEE Strategic Framework 2018-2023 at a glance.




All INEE initiatives are undertaken through consultative processes, ensuring that the network continues to serve its members through its primary functions: community-building, convening, knowledge management, amplifying and advocating, facilitating and learning, and providing our membership with quality tools and resources.

In addition to the four strategic priorities, the four thematic focus areas, and the six core network functions, the 41-page INEE Strategic Framework 2018-2023 document contains details about the strategy results framework, the INEE theory of change, INEE network spaces and initiatives, INEE multiplier effect, and more.

This document is available in the INEE Resource Database in English. Arabic, French, Spanish, and Portuguese translations are forthcoming.