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School Construction and Infrastructure

Textbooks are still essential

11 October 2018

by Paul Gibbings

A web-portal development securing better provision to schools

Until the time when all school children and schools have mobile phones and reliable internet, the hard copy textbook is still going to play an important role in initiating and promoting literacy.

Back in May, INEE published “A web-portal development

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Textbooks are still essential

1 May 2018

by Paul Gibbings

A web-portal development securing better provision to schools

Hard copy textbooks are still an essential learning tool in the hands of the pupils and school staff in developing nations, especially those in rural and remote areas. This is likely to be the case for the foreseeable future in spite of all the

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How can we work to protect education from attack?

30 June 2017

By Ingunn Eidhammer, Education Advisor with Save the Children Norway 


“Armed men had invaded and destroyed our school, the boards and textbooks had been used as firewood. This war destroyed children, and some even became part of armed groups” 

Student, North Kivu, DRC


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Grâce à l’éducation, les jeunes Afghans peuvent reconstruire leur pays déchiré par les guerres

24 February 2014


À Kaboul, on la surnommait « l'école brûlée » et les élèves avaient dû la déserter. Comme pour tant d’autres destructions infligées par des années de guerre, l’école Nahid Shahid a souffert des

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Bringing back hope to displaced children at the Masisi Center, Democratic Republic of Congo.

27 June 2013

By Odette Asha, Norwegian Refugee Council

Around 800 schools were affected by the latest clashes that took place in the province of North Kivu since last June.

A glimmer of hope

The young Maniriho, a former child soldier, said he is full of hope for a better tomorrow. At the age of 16, he is

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Schools have closed

28 November 2012

By Elin Martinez

It is hurricane, cyclone, flood and storm season around the world. Hurricane Sandy has attracted most of the attention given the impact it has had along the Eastern Coast

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[VIDEO] Equal Education’s “Fix Our Schools” campaign

23 November 2012

Equal Education’s “Fix Our Schools” campaign is high energy and hugely inventive: In their last march in late October, thousands of pupils wore Angie Motshekga (South Africa’s Minister of Basic Education) face masks, Equal Education is active on talk radio shows, has addressed public meetings, visited other schools and has convinced parents and

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