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Boosting Opportunities for Higher Education in Emergencies

16 November 2016


United Nations Summit to Address Refugees and Migrants side event

On September 19th 2016, on the margins of the United Nations High-Level Summit to Address Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants, a side event was held to reflect on avenues to boost opportunities for higher education in emergencies. The event, organized by the Permanent Mission of Qatar, brought together governments, UN agencies, humanitarian organizations, academia and youth affected by humanitarian crises to promote the role of tertiary education in crisis situations.

The main objectives of this event were: (a) to celebrate the progress achieved at the political level with the recognition of the unique role played by higher education in emergencies; (b) to call for action and engage with a range of actors involved in the protection and rebuilding of higher education in conflict and emergency settings; (c) to showcase some successful initiatives and programmes that make a difference which participants can replicate or join up; (d) and to release the first animated film ever produced on a rapid response mechanism for higher education in emergencies (RRM) to galvanize public opinion and mobilize further support.

An outcome document from the Summit states that: in crisis situations, higher education protects a critical group of young men and women, helps to build self-reliance, fosters inclusion and non-discrimination and provides a foundation for the rebuilding of war-torn societies.


Please see a full video of the event below:



Welcoming Remarks:
Moderator: 0:00 – 3:23
Mr. Sultan bin Saad Al-Muraikhi, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, State of Qatar: 3:24 – 9:10
Mr. Augusto Santos Silva, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Portugal: 9:50 – 13:43
Mr. Ioannis Mouzalas, Alternate Minister of Interior, Greece: 14:47 – 21:07
Ms. Karen AbuZayd, UN Secretary-General Advisor, Special Adviser on the Summit on Addressing Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants: 22:20 – 25:22

Mr. António Guterres, former UN High Commissioner for Refugees: 26:25 – 32:28 
Q & A with Mr. António Guterres: 32:29 – 43:53 

Session 2 - Rapid Response Mechanisms for Higher Education in Emergencies:
Animated video: 43:55 – 47:00
Mr. Volker Türk, Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, UNHCR: 48:13 – 50:20 
Q & A with Mr. Volker Türk: 50:21 – 52:52
Mr. Jon Ging, Director of Operational Division, UNOCHA: 53:32 – 54:34
Q & A with Jon Ging: 54:35 – 1:00:05
Dr. Allan Goodman, CEO and President Institute of International Education: 1:00:47 – 1:01:47
Q & A with Dr. Allan Goodman: 1:01:48 – 1:02:57
Mr. Fahad Al-Sulaiti, CEO, Education Above All: 1:03:48 – 1:05:11
Q & A with Mr. Fahad Al-Sulaiti: 1:05:12 – 1:06:43
Ms. Nour Daoud, Syrian Refugee, Jusoor Scholarship recipient, Software Engineer at Goldman and Sachs: 1:07:45 – 1:10:32
Dr. Mustafa Ibraheem, Iraqi Refugee, Scholar Rescue recipient, Professor: 1:11:15 – 1:12:31
Ms. Sally Ward, Regional Manager of Higher Education in the MENA, Britich Council: 1:13:16 – 1:14:23
Ms. Nina Lemmens, Director, German Academic Exchange: 1:14:48 – 1:16:28
Mr. Chris Eaton, Executive Director, World Univeristy Service of Canada: 1:17:14 – 1:19:05

Closing Remarks: 
Mr. Pierre Krähenbühl, Commissioner-General, UNRWA: 1:19:36 – 1:22:01
Mr. Daniel Shah, Assistant Director of Policy, UK International Higher Education Unit: 1:22:44 – 1:24:06
Mr. Jorge Sampaio, former President of the Portuguese Republic, Chairman of the Global Platform for Syrian Students: 1:24:30 – 1:27:40