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Teachers (compensation, TPD, etc.)

How can Teachers be Supported to Provide Quality Learning in Emergency and Conflict Situations?

10 December 2015

By John J. Lujang Wani, Ministry of Education, South Sudan

This blog post was originally published by NORRAG on 9 December 2015.

South Sudan, the world’s youngest country, committed itself to the Education for All (EFA) goals and education Millennium Development Goal (MDG) and began collecting educational data in 2011. South Sudan has been working

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New publication: Where It’s Needed Most: Quality Professional Development for All Teachers

14 January 2015

We are pleased to announce the release of a new publication, Where It’s Needed Most: Quality Professional Development for All Teachers, edited by Mary Burns and James Lawrie. We are thankful for their leadership in developing this publication.

The publication highlights the need to improve the planning, implementation, and sustainability of teacher professional development in

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ICT integration in basic refugee education: Tools for teachers in Daadab Refugee Camps

18 September 2013

Justus Omondi Olwande Physics Teacher & ICT Ttrainer of Trainees, Dadaab Refugee Camps

September, 2013

Last year science teachers in Dadaab Refugee Camps secondary schools were privileged to attend an ICT workshop organized by Windle Trust Kenya, (a nongovernmental organization implementing secondary education for refugees in Daadab) in collaboration with The Kenya E-learning sector of the

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Syrian Teachers in Turkey, a Perspective From Zeynep Turkman Sanduvac

14 August 2013

In this interview, Zeynep Turkman Sanduvac speaks with Jaci Wamberg, INEE Minimum Standards Intern, about her most recent work with a UNICEF Turkey project, “Provision of Periodic, Relevant and Structured Training for 1,500 School Teachers and other Education Personnel According to Needs and Circumstances” training Syrian refugee teachers from Turkey’s refugee camps, she shares the goals

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Malala Day: Teachers demand action to secure an education for conflict-affected children

12 July 2013

By Elin Martinez, Save the Children and Sara Tesorieri, Norwegian Refugee Council

On her 16th birthday today, Malala Yousafzai is addressing the United Nations, urging world leaders to recommit to ensuring that all children can exercise their fundamental right to education. Hundreds of young people have arrived in New York to join her in a youth ‘

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Coup de projecteur sur une ressource de l’INEE

16 May 2013

Guide de poche de l’INEE sur l’appui aux apprenants handicapés Par Aimé Kouman Stagiaire pour la communauté de langue francaise


Tous les enfants devraient avoir un égal accès à l’éducation, et ce, même en période

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Discussion en ligne: Abandon scolaire et rétention dans les systèmes éducatifs

25 April 2013

La communauté de langue française de l'INEE a le plaisir d'annoncer la lancement de la première discussion en français sur son site, qui débutera le 29 avril 2013. Animée par Laetitia Antonowicz, membre de l'INEE et consultante indépendante en éducation et développement

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Pénurie d’Enseignants dans le Monde

24 April 2013


Pénurie d'Enseignants dans le Monde. Des chiffres qui expriment un malaise global dans le monde de l'éducation. Obstacle à un enseignement de qualité? Facteur d'abandon scolaire ou de déscolarisation?

Venez nous rejoindre nombreux pour suivre la discussion en ligne sur le thème de:

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Discussion Series: Teacher Professional Development in Crisis

3 February 2013

Teacher Professional Development in Crisis: How Can We Give Teachers in Fragile Contexts the Learning They Want and Need? is an online special forum hosted by the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE). The forum brings together international experts, practitioners, and teachers to address what we see as the overall poor quality of professional development provided

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A Game-Changer for Global Education

20 December 2012

Originally posted on the Brookings Blog.

Dr. Rebecca Winthrop is the Director of the Brookings' Center for Universal Education. Dr. Winthrop works to promote access to quality education for young people in developing countries. She advises governments, foundations, and corporations on education and development issues, and provides guidance to a number of important education policy actors, including

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