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العمل لتأمين التعليم الجيد والآمن والمناسب لكل الأشخاص المتأثرين بالنزاعات


Refugees and IDPs

Interview with Sarah Dryden-Peterson and Rebecca Winthrop

24 October 2013

Sarah Dryden-Peterson is co-chair of the INEE Working Group on Education and Fragility and Assistant Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her work focuses on issues such as the role of social institutions in immigrant/refugee integration, the connections between education and family livelihoods, and transnational institution-building. Her work is situated in conflict and post-conflict settings in

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Bringing back hope to displaced children at the Masisi Center, Democratic Republic of Congo.

27 June 2013

By Odette Asha, Norwegian Refugee Council

Around 800 schools were affected by the latest clashes that took place in the province of North Kivu since last June.

A glimmer of hope

The young Maniriho, a former child soldier, said he is full of hope for a better tomorrow. At the age of 16, he is

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Interview with Dr. Grace Akukwe, American Institutes for Research

24 June 2013

Dr. Grace Akukwe is a principal project specialist with the International Development, Evaluation and Research Program at American Institutes for Research (AIR). Dr. Akukwe has over fifteen years’ experience working in developing country contexts focusing on education. Her area of research interest is in the sustainability and institutionalization of effective governance systems. Her project management portfolio in conflict

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INEE Minimum Standards Training Sessions in Amman, Jordan

20 June 2013

By Eldrid Midttun, EMEDUC/Consultant for the Norwegian Refugee Council

With the backdrop of thousands of Syrian refugees arriving in Jordan, including a high number of school age children and youth, the Ministry of Education along with UN agencies and NGOs are doing their best to help meet the constantly growing needs for formal and non-formal education.إقرأ المزيد

INEE Standards: issue related to refugee education

20 June 2013

by Ita Sheehy, Senior Education Officer at Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The INEE standards have proven very helpful for building the capacity of non-education expert staff and partners to recognize, plan for and document gaps in the essential package for education in the emergency phase of a refugee response, and in

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The impact of higher education in refugee situations: 20 years of UNHCR scholarships

25 March 2013

by Corinna Frey

UNHCR is a member of the INEE Working Group on Education and Fragility. Corinna Frey worked as an intern for the DAFI Programme in UNHCR’s Education Unit in late 2012. 

“As a refugee, to attend university was something that I did not even dream of,” says Tiwawa Kabwe [

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Education for refugee children affected by the crisis in Syria

16 January 2013

By Alex Monroe, INEE Secretariat

INEE has been following the crisis taking place in Syria, with a focus on the ways in which it is affecting children and education. To date, there are more than 600,000 Syrian refugees with an ongoing influx of 3,000 daily. Lebanon and Jordan host nearly 180,000 refugees each, while Turkey opened its doors to roughly 151,000.

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Schools have closed

28 November 2012

By Elin Martinez

It is hurricane, cyclone, flood and storm season around the world. Hurricane Sandy has attracted most of the attention given the impact it has had along the Eastern Coast

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