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Refugees and IDPs

Delivering education to children affected by the conflict in Syria

21 January 2016

by Joseph Nhan-O'Reilly, Head of Education Policy & Advocacy at Save the Children

This blog post was originally published by the Global Partnership for Education on 20 January 2016.

In a little over two weeks, representatives from governments and UN agencies will meet in London to agree how to meet

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Hearts and classrooms big enough for Syria and Canada

11 January 2016

This blog post was originally published by the Canadian Education in Emergencies Working Group on 8 January 2016.

Close to a month has gone by since footage went viral of Prime Minister Trudeau welcoming the first planeload of Syrian refugees at Toronto’s Pearson Airport. Since that time, more than 6000 Canadian newcomers have arrived. Sponsorship groups and

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Education and Work’s New Lease of Life: The End of Post-2015 and the Start of 2030?

5 January 2016

by Kenneth King, Editor, NORRAG News

This blog post was originally published by NORRAG on 4 January 2016.

Almost exactly a year ago, we told readers of the NORRAG Blog: ‘We [in NORRAG] are looking critically across this whole extraordinary process [of post-2015], and trying to capture and summarise some of the key directions &

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6 Reasons to Elevate the Importance of Tertiary Education in Emergencies

3 October 2015

By Heather Donald and Sandra Steiger, graduates of the inaugural Higher Education in Emergencies course, and refugee education advocates based in Toronto and Geneva respectively.


“For nowhere in the world has sustained development been attained without a well-functioning system of education, without universal and sound primary education, without an effective higher education sector,&

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Norway launches an innovation competition to teach Syrian refugee children to read

25 September 2015

This article was originally published on the Norad website.

Three million Syrian children are unable to attend school because of the war. «Education is vital for the children’s future. We are now taking new and innovative steps to give children fleeing from war educational opportunities», said Børge Brende, Norwegian Minister of

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World Refugee Day 2015

20 June 2015

a contribution from UNHCR's Education Unit

By the end of 2014, 59.5 million individuals were forcibly displaced worldwide as a result of persecution, conflict, generalized violence, or human rights violations. This is 8.3 million persons more than the year before (51.2 million) and the highest annual increase in a single year.

There are now 19.5 million refugees

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4 Things Your Institution Can Do to Support Education in Crisis

16 April 2015

By Jon Grosh, Publications Manager at the Institute of International Education. This article was originally posted at Institute of International Education on April 13, 2015.

Our experience suggests that fragile states cannot succeed without major investments in higher education. Accordingly, neglecting academic needs during and after armed conflict raises the risk of failure once peace is

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Syrian access to higher education in Turkey

9 November 2014

by James R. King, Senior Research & Program Officer at the Institute of International Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund

The conflict in Syria and ensuing humanitarian crisis has dominated global headlines since 2011. The numbers are staggering. 200,000 people killed. Half of Syria’s pre-war population displaced, more than 3 million as refugees and 7 million internally.


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Mapping the Education Response to the Syrian Crisis

3 March 2014

With over 2.3 million Syrian refugees registered in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey as of December 2013 and 49.9% of those registered under the age of 17, the education response to the Syrian conflict is an essential intervention in guaranteeing the basic human right for Syrian refugees. While neighboring countries have graciously come to the aid of Syrian refugees, the already limited

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Iraqi Kurdistan - building INEE capacities and coordination in response to the Syrian refugee crisis

31 October 2013

Peter Hyll-Larsen is an independent EiE consultant, he was the lead NRC facilitator for the INEE workshop in KR-I and is also a member of the INEE Working Group on Minimum Standards and Network Tools and the Global Education Cluster Working Group.

In response to the Syrian refugee crisis in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KR-I), UNESCO

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