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Quality Education

Women in Gaza: Barriers to Education

26 June 2013

Megan Nobert is a lawyer and academic, who worked in the Gaza Strip with a small local NGO. The views expressed in this piece is based upon her personal observations and discussions she had with Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip.

Access to education for women in Gaza was easy, until quite recently, with a number of

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The dilemma of human rights in emergencies: not only aspirational, but justice-able.

7 June 2013

by Peter Hyll-Larsen, INEE member

Is the right to education relative? Do some learners have more rights than others?  Does it depend on where you live and if an emergency is on-going?

Of course not: “Education is a fundamental human right for all people” according to page one of our INEE Minimum

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INEE’s Response to the UN’s Report on the Post-2015 Development Agenda

6 June 2013

by Lori Heninger, INEE Director

On 30 May, the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda released its report. The 27 member panel met multiple times over the past year, and their report provides recommendations on advancing international development beyond 2015. INEE welcomes this report, and congratulates the High-Level Panel for the forward-looking

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The Digital Hope Project - Using Technology to Enhance Skills and Create Jobs

5 June 2013

by Andrew B. Greene Jr, Founder and CEO of B-Gifted Foundation 

The Digital Hope Project of the B-Gifted Foundation of Sierra Leone was selected and recognized as one of the best Digital Ideas and Digital Talent at ITU Telecom World 2011. The 'Digital Hope' initiative received an investment from the ITU.  As a winning idea,

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Syria: Who loses out when we don’t reach global humanitarian aid targets for education?

29 May 2013

by Elin Martinez, Save the Children UK. Read her blog here.

Some of the biggest threats or impediments to the delivery of education interventions are not operational, but often occur due to the constantly low and unpredictable levels of humanitarian financing the sector receives. When we reach those levels, we are failing children and youth who face

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Contextualization of the INEE Minimum Standards Underway in Sri Lanka

21 May 2013

By Tzvetomira Laub, INEE Coordinator for Minimum Standards and Network Tools

This week in Colombo, the INEE Minimum Standards—the only global tool   that articulates the minimum level of educational access and quality in preparedness, response, recovery through to development—are under way to be contextualized for Sri Lanka. Over 30 education practitioners and

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Discussion en ligne: Abandon scolaire et rétention dans les systèmes éducatifs

25 April 2013

La communauté de langue française de l'INEE a le plaisir d'annoncer la lancement de la première discussion en français sur son site, qui débutera le 29 avril 2013. Animée par Laetitia Antonowicz, membre de l'INEE et consultante indépendante en éducation et développement

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Pénurie d’Enseignants dans le Monde

24 April 2013


Pénurie d'Enseignants dans le Monde. Des chiffres qui expriment un malaise global dans le monde de l'éducation. Obstacle à un enseignement de qualité? Facteur d'abandon scolaire ou de déscolarisation?

Venez nous rejoindre nombreux pour suivre la discussion en ligne sur le thème de:

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