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العمل لتأمين التعليم الجيد والآمن والمناسب لكل الأشخاص المتأثرين بالنزاعات


INEE Minimum Standards

Introducing: INEE-Sphere Linkages guide to support inter-sectoral collaboration

24 July 2013

By Arianna Sloat and Brittney Davidson (INEE Secretariat).

Coordination and collaboration between education and other humanitarian sectors is essential to ensure an effective response that addresses the rights and needs of all learners. Collaboration between education and other sectors must not only be seen as a vehicle for sharing live-saving information related to other sectors within education

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Contextualization of INEE Minimum Standards Underway in occupied Palestinian territory

2 July 2013

By Amy Kapit, INEE Consultant for oPt Minimum Standards Contextualization

Education stakeholders and policymakers in the occupied Palestinian territory are currently contextualizing the INEE Minimum Standards, INEE’s global tool articulating the minimum level of educational access and quality in emergency preparedness, response, and recovery. A global set of standards, and the foundational tool for the

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Making Quality Education Accessible to Children with Disabilities

1 July 2013

by Brittney Davidson and Tzvetomira Laub, INEE Secretariat.

Less than one thousand days remain before the target date for completion of the UN’s eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  Certainly, the pursuit of MDG 2, the hope for truly inclusive education for all, has increased primary enrollment rates and targeted some of the world’

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INEE Minimum Standards Training Sessions in Amman, Jordan

20 June 2013

By Eldrid Midttun, EMEDUC/Consultant for the Norwegian Refugee Council

With the backdrop of thousands of Syrian refugees arriving in Jordan, including a high number of school age children and youth, the Ministry of Education along with UN agencies and NGOs are doing their best to help meet the constantly growing needs for formal and non-formal education.إقرأ المزيد

INEE Standards: issue related to refugee education

20 June 2013

by Ita Sheehy, Senior Education Officer at Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The INEE standards have proven very helpful for building the capacity of non-education expert staff and partners to recognize, plan for and document gaps in the essential package for education in the emergency phase of a refugee response, and in

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The dilemma of human rights in emergencies: not only aspirational, but justice-able.

7 June 2013

by Peter Hyll-Larsen, INEE member

Is the right to education relative? Do some learners have more rights than others?  Does it depend on where you live and if an emergency is on-going?

Of course not: “Education is a fundamental human right for all people” according to page one of our INEE Minimum

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Contextualization of the INEE Minimum Standards Underway in Sri Lanka

21 May 2013

By Tzvetomira Laub, INEE Coordinator for Minimum Standards and Network Tools

This week in Colombo, the INEE Minimum Standards—the only global tool   that articulates the minimum level of educational access and quality in preparedness, response, recovery through to development—are under way to be contextualized for Sri Lanka. Over 30 education practitioners and

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Integrating Conflict Sensitivity In Education Programs and Policies

30 April 2013

by Tzvetomira Laub, INEE Coordinator for Minimum Standards. This blog was first posted on the blog space for the Working Group on Peace, Conflict and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. The original post can be read here.


The field of Education in Emergencies has grown and expanded over the last decade, and today there is

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Education in Emergencies: Resources for Supporting ECD and Learners with Disabilities

19 March 2013

By Tzvetomira Laub, INEE Coordinator for Minimum Standards and Network Tools All children and young people must enjoy quality, relevant and safe education: this is a human right and it does apply in emergencies. Very young children and those with disabilities have special needs that should be addressed in order to ensure that they are not only accessing education

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Contextualising the INEE Minimum Standards

12 October 2012

Dear INEE members, The INEE Minimum Standards for Education: Preparedness, Response, Recovery articulate good practices in the delivery of education programmes and policies in emergencies through to recovery. The INEE Minimum Standards Handbook covers all domains of educational response - from access and safety of learners to the development of curricula and the role of teachers. Updated in 2010, the

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