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Global Initiatives (SDG, ECW, EFA, etc.)

A educação não pode esperar: declaração da CGE de apoio ao novo fundo para a EeE

3 June 2016

"Caros Membros da Campanha Global pela Educação, Escrevemos após o lançamento, esta semana, durante a Cimeira Mundial de Ajuda Humanitária, em Istambul de "A Educação não pode esperar" o fundo para a educação em situações de emergê

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Seminário “Cooperação, Educação e Desenvolvimento: contextos, atores e agendas”

2 June 2016

O Centro de Recursos para a Cooperação e Desenvolvimento da Universidade do Minho convida o/a para o Seminário "Cooperação, Educação e Desenvolvimento: contextos, atores e agendas"!, nos dias 13 e 14 de junho, no IE-UMinho.

O evento destina-se a todos os que estão

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Cimeira Humanitária Mundial 2016: recortes de imprensa

23 May 2016

Entre hoje e amanhã, 23 e 24 de maio de 2016, decorre em Istambul a primeira Cimeira Humanitária Mundial. Com a finalidade de estabelecer uma agenda futura para a ação humanitária, que possa responder a possíveis desafios humanitários futuros, são vários os

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New fund launches to address global education crisis

23 May 2016

Education Cannot Wait aims to provide 13.6 million children and youth in emergencies and protracted crises with quality education

ISTANBUL, 23 May 2016 – Global and national organisations today launch a new fund to better coordinate support for and drive investment in education for children and youth affected by humanitarian emergencies and protracted crises.إقرأ المزيد

Education in Emergencies at WHS 2016

22 May 2016

The first World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) will be held in Istanbul on 23-24 May 2016. The purpose of this summit is to set a forward-looking agenda for humanitarian action to collectively address future humanitarian challenges. Read more about the goals and background of WHS -- and how education features prominently in the agenda

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Last chance to join the call for the new Education Crisis Platform to be adequately and sustainably

5 April 2016

by Kolleen Bouchane, Their World, posted by by GEM Report

Around the world, emergencies and protracted crises disrupted the education of 80 million children and adolescents in 2015. Despite this, education in emergency contexts received less than 2 percent of all humanitarian funding last year. At the Oslo Education Summit in July 2015, a joint Call

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Big hopes for education, and yet more big targets at the World Humanitarian Summit

11 February 2016

by GEM Report. This blog was originally posted on the World Educaiton Blog.

The UN Secretary-General’s Report, One Humanity: Shared Responsibility, was released yesterday for the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul this May. It contains calls for reform in humanitarian aid architecture that could change lives for millions if taken at their

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[SG Blog Series] One size does not fit all - Non-formal education approaches in the Syria context

29 January 2016

This post is part of the INEE Steering Group Blog Series, in which INEE Steering Group members share their current work and ideas on education in emergencies.   

by Silje Skeie, Education Advisor at the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Conflict and displacement in Syria has led to the disruption of education

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Launch: Global Consultation on EiE and Protracted Crises

19 January 2016

We invite you to participate in the Global Consultation on education in emergencies and protracted crises from 19 January - 12 February 2016.  

As we wrote about in December 2015, a call has been made to create a ‘common platform’ to generate political commitment and financial resources for meeting the educational needs of

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Education and Work’s New Lease of Life: The End of Post-2015 and the Start of 2030?

5 January 2016

by Kenneth King, Editor, NORRAG News

This blog post was originally published by NORRAG on 4 January 2016.

Almost exactly a year ago, we told readers of the NORRAG Blog: ‘We [in NORRAG] are looking critically across this whole extraordinary process [of post-2015], and trying to capture and summarise some of the key directions &

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