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العمل لتأمين التعليم الجيد والآمن والمناسب لكل الأشخاص المتأثرين بالنزاعات


Education and Fragility

Post-Dakar: Post-2015 agenda lacks focus on education in crisis contexts

2 April 2013

By Lori Heninger, INEE Director

Much is happening in preparation for the post-2015 agenda; consultations, meetings, surveys, all to gather inputs from the international community on ways forward.  This blog will focus on the recent World We Want’s Thematic Consultation on Education in the post-2015 development agenda, held in Dakar on 18-19 March. I

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Conflict-Sensitive Education - Why and How?

28 March 2013

by Maria Lucia Uribe, Coordinator of the INEE Working Group on Education and Fragility

INEE and the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) are co-organizing a High Level Symposium on Conflict Sensitive Education – Why and How that aims to mobilize education stakeholders in the prioritization of quality education in

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Post-2015: take away messages for fragile states and education

10 March 2013

by Elin Martinez, Save the Children UK. Read her blog here.

The ongoing process to shape the post-2015 framework includes an interesting angle whereby citizens around the world are asked to rank their top priorities for what development goals will come after 2015. The My2015 first online and offline survey results have shown that ‘a good education&

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Education for refugee children affected by the crisis in Syria

16 January 2013

By Alex Monroe, INEE Secretariat

INEE has been following the crisis taking place in Syria, with a focus on the ways in which it is affecting children and education. To date, there are more than 600,000 Syrian refugees with an ongoing influx of 3,000 daily. Lebanon and Jordan host nearly 180,000 refugees each, while Turkey opened its doors to roughly 151,000.

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Language Matters

3 December 2012

Karina Kleivan is Emergency Education Coordinator at IBIS, a Danish NGO specialising in education and particularly teacher training in Africa and Latin America.  IBIS is a member of the Working Group on Education and Fragility.

Only too seldom do children who begin schooling in fragile and conflict-affected contexts receive instruction in their mother tongue (MT). On

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