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INEE 2015 Annual Report

1 August 2016

We are pleased to share with you the INEE 2015 Annual Report, a summary of the activities and accomplishments of the network during a very busy year.

2015 was a big year for INEE!

It was a year that saw the bright culmination of a decade and a half of advocacy at several global events.

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Apresentação da Rede Lusófona pelo Direito à Educação - ReLus

19 February 2016

Rede Lusófona pelo Direito à Educação - ReLus

Esta Rede foi criada no dia 5 de fevereiro de 2016, na cidade do Porto, no contexto de um encontro entre as coligações nacionais dos países de língua oficial portuguesa. Esta criação vem dar corpo a um

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Réunions de l’INEE pour ses 15 ans

30 October 2015

La semaine dernière, une partie de la très grande communauté de l’INEE (+11 500 membres) s’est réunie à Genève dans les locaux du HCR des Nations Unies pour sa réunion bi-annuelle des Groupes de travail, du Secrétariat et du Comité

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Call for Applications - INEE Advocacy Working Group (deadline: 7 December 2015)

26 October 2015

INEE is pleased to invite applications for membership to the INEE Advocacy Working Group.

  Application Deadline: 7 December 2015

See below for application procedures.  

This working group exists to support the achievement of INEE’s overall goal: The provision of quality, safe, and relevant education for all is strengthened in crisis

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Girls’ education in spotlight as Stephen Colbert and Norwegian PM ‘battle’ on Twitter

25 August 2015

This article was originally published on A World at School's blog on August 20, 2015.

It was the heavyweight bout of the year. Stephen Colbert versus Erna Solberg. The comedian and host of American TV's The Late Show against the Prime Minister of Norway.

And the winner was ... girls' education!

These unlikely opponents

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SAM 2015: Atividades no Congresso Nacional debaterão primeiro ano de implementação do PNE

12 June 2015

Semana de Ação Mundial 2015 no Brasil: Atividades no Congresso Nacional debaterão primeiro ano de implementação do PNE

Planos Estaduais e Municipais de Educação, alfabetização de jovens e adultos, formação de profissionais da educação, Custo Aluno-Qualidade Inicial, e

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The Need for Emergency Education

9 February 2015

By Gordon Brown, United Nations special envoy for Global Education. This blog was originally posted by Business World Online. 

In an ideal world, whenever children needed help, they would get it. When girls and boys were forced from their homes or classrooms because of war, natural disaster, or other crises, the international

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INEE Minimum Standards 10th Anniversary Essay Contest

27 January 2015

          2014 marked an important year for INEE - the 10th anniversary of the Minimum Standards. Currently in its second edition and supported by INEE Working Group on Minimum Standards and Network Tools, the standards have been translated into more than 29 languages, contextualized for eight different countries, and have been used in over 110 countries to ensure

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The Education Response to Ebola: The Role of Business

8 December 2014

By Justin W. van Fleet, Chief of Staff to the UN Special Envoy for Global Education, Rt. Honourable Gordon Brown, and nonresident fellow at the Center for Universal Education. This post was originally posted on 3 December 2014 by Brookings Institute.

Education has been one of the first casualties of the Ebola crisis

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The INEE Minimum Standards: Raising the Profile of Education in Emergencies

24 July 2014

An interview with Alberto Biancoli, Education Programme Specialist, United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) in Amman

As the Education Programme Specialist for UNRWA, Mr. Alberto Biancoli speaks to Katie Zanoni, INEE Minimum Standards Team Member, to discuss how the INEE Minimum Standards (INEE MS) have impacted his work on both a personal

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