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العمل لتأمين التعليم الجيد والآمن والمناسب لكل الأشخاص المتأثرين بالنزاعات


Adolescents and Youth

Contextualizing the Minimum Standards for Education to the context in Sudan

31 May 2016

This article was written by MaisElReem S. Zuhaika, an independent consultant.

After long years of a complex and protracted conflict, Sudan is faced today by many challenges that prohibit the provision of education, and puts children at risk. Humanitarian needs in Sudan are not only caused by the effects of this prolonged conflict, but are also

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Education for adolescent girls in conflict: What’s working?

23 May 2016

This article was originally published on May 23rd, 2016 by Devex.

A Syrian girl carries a school kit provided by the United Nations refugee agency. Sixty-two million girls around the world are not in school, and at least 20 million of them live in conflict-affected and fragile settings as refugees, internally

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Amman Calling

29 April 2016

by Minna Peltola. This article was originally published by Finn Church Aid.


How would you feel sending your children to study in a school that was damaged in battle and had no learning materials available? What would you think if your child was attending a class much lower than

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3 Ways Technology Could Support Education for Displaced Children

7 April 2016

Written by Eva Kaplan and Yazeed Sheqem. This article was orignially published by Technology Salon.



Currently it is estimated that there are 4.6 million Syrian refugees; 6.6 million displaced persons inside Syria. Of these, half are children. In March, Technology Salon Amman brought together people

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[SG Blog Series] Return from violence - Reintegrating former youth soldiers

29 February 2016

This post is part of the INEE Steering Group Blog Series, in which INEE Steering Group members share their current work and ideas on education in emergencies.   

by Marina Lopez-Anselme, RET International

Many of the same approaches used to prevent youth from turning to violence in conflict contexts are

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Dear Teachers, Please come back to school.

21 September 2015

by Ivy Kimtai

Education is the one common and uniting factor in the entire world; it cuts across cultures, social class, political differences, and religion. Education is about togetherness. Students meet in school, learn in class together, play together, participate in club activities together, and even do punishments or go to detention together. For at least half

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Dia Internacional da Juventude - Jovens e Participação Cívica

12 August 2015

O Dia Internacional da Juventude, assinala-se todos os anos no dia 12 de agosto e assume-se como uma oportunidade de celebrar a força criativa e o ímpeto inovador que a juventude acrescenta a qualquer sociedade.  O tema deste ano é "Jovens e Participação Cívica" e

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International Youth Day 2015 - Youth Civic Engagement

10 August 2015

International Youth Day, celebrated each year on August 12th, is an opportunity to celebrate the creative force and the innovative impetus that young people bring to every society. This year’s theme – “Youth Civic Engagement” – emphasizes the role played by young people in building social cohesion and collective well-being. The engagement and

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Education must be prioritized in times of crisis

2 June 2015

New York, 2 June 2015 - Education is highly valued by children, youth, and adults living in crisis situations, yet it remains an underfunded and de-prioritized aspect of humanitarian response.

A global essay contest recently held by the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) highlights the importance of education for children and youth living in some of

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The Brightest Hope: Essays from around the world on the importance of education in times of crisis

2 June 2015

INEE is very thrilled to announce the winners of the INEE Essay Contest!

Along with the three winners, we are also pleased to share a variety of exceptional compositions that were submitted during the contest. The essay contest, which was part of the 10th anniversary celebration of the INEE Minimum Standards, was

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